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Health Alliance

Chen Nongfu medicated diet is a leading enterprise in the field of traditional Chinese medicine diet health preservation. With the purpose of doing good and promoting the good, it creates a chain cultural platform of integrity, goodness, love and happiness. Since the establishment of medicated diet technology research and development center and traditional Chinese medicine culture heritage center, it has invested more than 500 million yuan. The technology research and development lasted for 17 years, forming two leading brands in the field of traditional Chinese medicine diet health, namely, medical forest food and Chinese food

Asked about the original intention of most investors to choose the health care center to join the industry, I am afraid that many franchisees have no experience, no technology, no marketing, and no capital

The highest realm of traditional Chinese medicine is health preservation, and the highest realm of health preservation is nourishing the heart. It's easy to keep your nature. Buddhism and Taoism are on the top of the great medicine. Only when you untie your own knot, can you know that the great will power is very strong. Buddha

With the "13th five year plan" proposal officially implemented and "healthy China" officially upgraded into a national strategy, the big health industry also ushered in a period of rapid development opportunities. Only by seizing the opportunity and making rapid layout can we get a share of the market scale of 8 trillion.

Opportunities for the development of health care industry under the background of great health

1. Integrate the new business form of health care

New medical formats, such as proton heavy ion medicine, interventional medicine, immune cell therapy, etc.

Rehabilitation medicine, such as: postoperative rehabilitation, chronic disease rehabilitation, mental rehabilitation, etc.

Traditional characteristic medical treatment

Sometimes we have to be a little bit isolated from the world for a while to hear more clearly what the body is telling us.

There are many ways to accomplish this temporary isolation, such as reading.

Reading a good book is like having a long talk with a wonderful person. It is not unattainable, nor has it been mentioned in the ear. It is just a slow talk. Talk about a tree that can sing, a flower that can dance, the prosperous age hidden in the mottled light and shadow, and the dilapidated relief in the time of flowing light.

A dream of Red Mansions is such a book.

Some people say that a dream of Red Mansions is full of light

Chen Nongfu reduced the soup, changed the way to eat, "no money" healthy weight loss

China has entered the era of mass tourism, leisure vacation has become the mainstream of tourism consumption. The proportion of leisure vacation in the total number of tourists has increased significantly, and tourism and vacation will become the mainstream in the future, with a sustained and rapid growth. As a kind of living style in the new era, tourism and vacation, including sightseeing, leisure and all kinds of entertainment, sports and other consumption, pursuit of health and spiritual enjoyment, has gradually become the mainstream of leisure life.

"Three avoidance and three nourishment (summer and haze, cold, health care and old-age care) + micro vacation" is a concentrated interpretation of the demand for tourism vacation, is an important direction of the development of tourism and vacation, and is also a tourism

China is still the most populous country in the world.

According to the results of the seventh national census released on May 11, China's total population is 141.78 million, an increase of 72.06 million people, an increase of 5.38%, and an average annual growth rate of 0.53%. China's population has been growing at a low speed for 10 years.

Ning Jizhe, director of the National Bureau of statistics, said that the population problem has always been a global, long-term and strategic issue facing China.

Seven people found out all about me

(1) The feud between the moon and the child

1. My mother-in-law has been living in the past, and she doesn't listen to Baoma's advice

Everyone's parenting philosophy is different. Even novice mothers want to have their own voice in taking care of their children.

However, some mothers-in-law will refuse to follow the advice of Baoma because of their rich experience. Even if some bad habits are not right, they still insist on stubbornly.

For a long time, the contradiction between the two became more and more serious, and the husband was sandwiched between his mother-in-law and his daughter-in-law.

2. The mother-in-law only takes care of her grandson, not her daughter-in-law

After the baby was born

Time: two thirty in the morning. Protagonist: yourself. Setting: quilt. You may not know why, but that pair of "bright" big eyes clearly remind you that you have insomnia. Perhaps this night you have been thinking, insomnia in the end is the pursuit of human night or the eyelids do not retain. Or insomnia is like the sentence "there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's hearts." there are 1000 people in a thousand night owls who don't know why they have insomnia.

The above words are the real mental process of many insomnia people. The thought of working tomorrow makes the whole person feel extremely painful

On May 9, an unforgettable mother's Day activity was held at the angel's home of Chen Nongfu in Dongguan

So why are there more and more diseases in human beings today when western medicine is so developed?

Although thousands of diseases are terrible, they are most afraid of not knowing the real reason?

Explore the blind area of Western medicine!

Only focus on the results of the eye, not the cause of treatment results, the disease more and more treatment!

Now the hospital is opening more and more, and the machinery and equipment are getting better and better, but

——Is confinement a bad habit——

Confinement is a traditional ceremony for Chinese mothers. In fact, in some European countries or regions, there is a tradition of special differential treatment and special care for mothers who have just given birth, although it is not called confinement.

But in the contemporary era, some people began to question the behavior of postpartum confinement. They believe that

Medicine and food have a long history in China, "Huangdi Neijing" records: "use it to satisfy hunger is called food, to cure disease is called medicine.". Medicine and food homologous substances are edible Chinese medicinal materials in essence. Because of their dual-purpose, they have been used in medical care in the form of dietotherapy, food tonic and medicated diet. The concept of medicine and food homology plays an important role in the pursuit of health.

The name of medicated diet was first seen in the book of the later Han Dynasty. Medicinal diet is the crystallization of Chinese food culture for thousands of years. It not only has the function of fruiting, but also has the function of health care, and has the effect of curing diseases.

With the development of health industry, the great value of TCM dietotherapy has been constantly explored.

Chen Nongfu's herbal essence medicated food soup, a food medicine brand, has put the theory of "medicine and food homology" into practice

(1) What troubles does confinement have?

New mother, do you have such trouble?

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are in conflict, and the month child's hatred is not the same!

Novice mother, don't know how to raise children, busy!

Wrong feeding baby, there are security risks!

Feudalism idea, the moon does not bathe, does not wash the hair!


Mother's Day is coming. Chen Nongfu's medicine restaurant rings out the children's voice. Please keep this stray gift, mother

Health preservation: daily diet with traditional Chinese medicine instead of meals, to achieve healthy health.

Keep fit: scientific and appropriate amount of exercise every day to achieve a healthy body.

Nourish the heart: keep a happy mood every day to realize the beauty of mental health.

A little bit of health every day, a little bit of progress every day.

In traditional Chinese medicine, "Tao follows nature", "harmony between man and nature", "complementation of yin and Yang" and "human life is most precious"

A flash of lightning tore a hole in the dark night, and the silent sky vaguely divided into two ends, one end in late spring and the other in early summer.

Also Ru looked up, suddenly blessing to the soul. It's a new season!

You know, even in the same season, with the change of solar terms, the focus of our body care is somewhat different.

What I want to share today is a sentence from Mr. Chen's philosophy --- do you want to think about it, dare you, do not want to.