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Health Alliance

Potential 2: more than 300 million elderly people have higher and higher health needs. The research and development of "Humanistic Datong app" has been launched. The app realizes long-term health management, contracts to guarantee the life span of 90-120 years, and compensates for every one year less. The contract guarantees the health and longevity of the insured and the management of major diseases, so as to protect people from major diseases and make everyone healthy. All these only need three meals a day, Free management of healthy lifestyle, which will also promote the founder to focus more on the further improvement of technology, endless pursuit, but also indicates that more stringent licensing conditions, also indicates that a large number of people will not be able to join, the company will always focus on

Asked about the original intention of most investors to choose the health care center to join the industry, I am afraid that many franchisees have no experience, no technology, no marketing, and no capital

The highest realm of traditional Chinese medicine is health preservation, and the highest realm of health preservation is nourishing the heart. It's easy to keep your nature. Buddhism and Taoism are on the top of the great medicine. Only when you untie your own knot, can you know that the great will power is very strong. Buddha

People's diet concept from the original "full", "eat well", gradually changed to the current "green food", "pollution-free food", "pure natural food", "medicine and food of the same origin" and other words began to become popular. The Chinese people's multi-level pursuit of food has formed a unique Chinese food culture, which not only stays on the belly and enjoys the pleasure of eating, but also pays more attention to the health value of food. It adjusts the relationship between yin and Yang and five elements in the human body through diet, and enriches the essence, Qi and spirit of the human body through diet, So that the human body to achieve a coordinated balance of system and organ functions, and thus achieve health preservation

Chen Nongfu believes that a happy learning environment is the best way to enlighten wisdom. Wisdom is more important than knowledge. He advocates the co construction and sharing of public welfare [Angel school]. Everyone is also a teacher, a friend and an apprentice. Everyone is devoted to love, learn from each other and appreciate each other. Men, women, old and young interact with each other. They grow and progress all their lives, and build neighborhoods full of "human feelings", Building sports learning has become a normalized community. At present, our shop is making every effort to build an angel school, a clean place for education to return to its original nature. The school studies knowledge in Angel school and enlightens the thinking and wisdom. Only when knowledge and practice are combined can wisdom be born. At this time, posture is naturally good, and learning is

Sometimes it's customers who go out and are asked what you've done recently, how your skin is so good, and you look so young... Miss Zhao, drinking soup for 5 days has solved the problem of gum bleeding for 20 years. Drinking soup for 15 days can improve the problem of getting angry easily. In the past, eating pepper would cause nosebleed, but now you can eat chili. Drinking soup the 20th day to have a haircut and come back very happy to share with us. The barber said, Mr. Zhao, what have you been doing recently? Your black hair has become more and more, and the new hair is black. Mr. Zhao said I'd have soup.

This is Chen Nongfu's food therapy "angel's house" from the camera of our customers. Here, the body quickly recovers to health and self-confidence, wisdom gets rapid enlightenment, self-confidence in ability, good habits and good behaviors of children... All natural development, natural integration of knowledge, natural growth of wisdom, and natural development of everything, This is Chen Nongfu's dream of building a happy human environment for more than 20 years, and realizing a family culture that is not a family is better than a family. When everything follows the truth to realize the natural process, the pursuit of a virtuous circle, at this time, every child, adult can say aloud, my life is up to me.

Ms. Yan has been troubled by skin problems for more than 20 years. In the store, she strictly cooperated with sports and diet management. She not only improved her skin, but also defecated. The key point is that she could only run for 3-5 minutes, but now she can hold on to 30-50 minutes a day. In addition, she used to itch all over her body every time she ran, and now she doesn't itch any more. She said that it's really worth the conditioning here.

To a large extent, entrepreneurship will shape some of the most precious characteristics of a person. In these years, I found that those entrepreneurs around me who started businesses in TCM health care centers did very well, and then made money; I once gave an entrepreneur a consultation when he went out of the store. What impressed me most was the ability to turn the page. I watched her quarrel with customers or colleagues in the store. Every time I saw her quarrel with clients or colleagues, I felt that it was over and the world was going to be destroyed. He was like nobody else;

Without health care industry experience, what health brand to join?

The post office did not work hard, which made Shunfeng a success; The bank did not work hard to make Alipay; Communication is not hard, and wechat has been achieved; Shopping malls do not work hard to achieve Taobao; Beauty, bath, sauna and health care also apply to this rule. If you don't work hard now, you will surely achieve others! If you don't do it, others will do it! If you are afraid of investment, why not!; Grafting traditional Chinese medicine dietotherapy has become a major trend in the US insurance industry. If we lag behind, we will be beaten. Chinese medicine dietotherapy has become the golden key of Tuoke! Foot bath shop in grafting Chinese medicine diet! Bath center in grafting Chinese medicine diet! Beauty salon in grafting Chinese medicine diet! Rice

Through this epidemic situation, let most people understand a truth: medicine is not omnipotent. More than a hundred years ago, the epitaph of an American doctor who died became the motto of most doctors: to cure, to relieve of, to comfort ".

The more time Chen Nongfu really works, the more valuable and belonging he has. He is moved and moved all the time. He can be immersed in happiness all the time. This happiness comes from franchisees, from customers and from unrequited efforts. This is the feeling of the franchisees who have joined us for more than a year after getting along with the company. Our fate begins with curiosity, respect for culture, integration of three outlooks, loyalty to character, and long-term comfort.

Later, he went into Chen Nongfu's food therapy soup. While the company was responsible for the kitchen work, he drank the soup every day. In only 20 days, he had already got rid of the pain of taking medicine. He slept from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. In farmer Chen's "angel's home", he has devoted his 17 years of youth to the research of food and breeding technology beyond medicine. 30% of the people get effective in the same day and 90% in about three days. The problem that they can't do with medical treatment is solved here quickly.

Recently, I sent out some videos of diabetic patients in the outpatient department. I found that many friends were discussing one thing: "why is life better now? More and more people are getting sick!" In fact, in fact, with the development of the Internet and the popularity of so many healthy recipes, nutritional supplements and health knowledge, modern people's physique should be stronger. Young people who usually feel better than themselves are likely to have sudden myocardial infarction in their twenties and thirties due to high blood pressure, as well as esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer. At least 50% of the causes of the disease are related to diet. According to the relevant physical and mental

Dr. Li's granddaughter has closed her bowels since she was a child. Now she has been studying in junior high school and is about to enter the senior high school stage. She once lost a competition because of her stool trouble. Her grandmother has been worried about her for a long time. Think about what kind of health products can be prepared for her, such as lactic acid bacteria, and her diet should be paid attention to. However, this problem has not been improved. She will live in high school soon, Who dares to think that this trouble will make the family more worried. Since I met this Chinese medicine food therapy soup, my grandmother personally inspected it for five days. She felt that her granddaughter should accept the taste. So she filled a test soup and advised her granddaughter to check it. On the third day after drinking the soup, her stool was a little sticky

Through this epidemic situation, let most people understand a truth: medicine is not omnipotent. More than a hundred years ago, the epitaph of an American doctor who died became the motto of most doctors: to cure, to relieve of, to comfort ".

Let people from all over the world go from strangers to acquaintances to "family relatives" to spend the festival together. We can love and help each other, appreciate each other, learn from each other, and care for each other... In the "angel's house", leave realism, enter the highly civilized environment of idealism, and enjoy a peaceful, happy and free life

Why can't many people understand Chen Nongfu's business model?

It is not necessary to undertake social responsibility to build a harmonious and symbiotic society. The unprecedented realization of good medicine bitter taste into good medicine and delicious, unprecedented Chinese medicine diet effect to surpass medicine, effective on the same day, using the effect to "force" customers to comply with the "angel family rules", promote social harmony and symbiosis, Building a big family of idealism and upgrading medical physical diseases to medical environmental diseases and medical behavior diseases is Chen Nongfu's unprecedented pioneering work. He put forward that great health is not medical treatment, but mutual love and mutual assistance, and selfless dedication