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"Treasure food" for invigorating the spleen, appetizing and soothing the liver!

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Time of publication: 2021-04-12 08:59

I remember when I was a child, I was a foodie.

The world of eating food is always different from others. For example, in the world of Yiru, rice will happily greet Yiru to eat it.

Don't you believe it?

 "Treasure food" for invigorating the spleen, appetizing and soothing the liver!

You see, these little grains of rice are playing in the rushing water, making a rusty sound, laughing and shouting at Yiru: "don't worry, I'm a dusty person. You can eat me white, tender and fragrant when I take a bath first."

The dried and washed rice jumped into the pot with wet steps, and the red number flashing on the steamer said all the time: "wait for me."

What an affectionate commitment.

When the number gets smaller and smaller, and finally turns into a horizontal line, I Ru will know that the time has come!

A dart forward, opened the lid, accompanied by a light and full aroma transpiration, in addition to the "whoo", there will be a faint voice of provocation: "come on, eat me!"

In this case, you are welcome!

Gobble up, a big bowl is normal, play extraordinary, three or five bowls are also some.

The parents are naturally half happy and half worried. He was relieved that he didn't have to chase after him to feed the children, but he often worried: "ah, I've eaten too much! Don't accumulate any more food

It may also be because Yiru was too obsessed with staple foods such as rice and noodles. Parents couldn't bear to watch Yiru knead her stomach, look at the rice in the pot, and her eyes glowed green, so they often had to boil malt tea for her to drink.

Even today, recalling the strong aroma of tea roasted by grain, Yiru's taste buds are still ready to move.

Well, let's talk about malt today.

help digestion

Yiru likes words with the word "bud" in his heart. You think, willow shoots, florets sprout, seeds sprout... "Bud" means a new life breaking through the ground, and everything is renewed. It just sounds lively and hopeful.

The same is true of malt.

"Shennong materia medica classics reading Volume IV" states that: "Everything sprouts in spring and grows gradually. Now it takes dry grain to send out its buds, which can reach the wood Qi to make spleen soil, so it can eliminate the accumulation of rice and millet. The malt, millet sprout and soybean yellow roll are similar in sex. And wheat spring long summer, you get wood fire gas, where depression caused by swelling and other diseases, the best use

Since ancient times, our ancestors have been using malt to eliminate the accumulation and stagnation. To some extent, a bowl of malt tea can alleviate the abdominal distension and loss of appetite caused by food accumulation. Especially over eating rice flour food caused by dyspepsia, it is necessary to have some malt.

When it comes to these things, people will come forward and say, "you are not scientific."

Science should be left to itself to answer the question that science is not scientific. Today, Yiru will take you to "walk into science" to see what "science" really means!

Digestive aid

The researchers used malt water decoction to perfuse the stomach of adults without a history of digestion, and then tested it. Finally, the researchers tested that the malt water decoction can slightly increase the secretion of gastric acid, but also slightly promote the secretion of pepsin. Raw malt, fried malt and burnt malt have different degrees of digestive function, which will be explained in detail below.

In addition to helping regulate gastric acid and pepsin secretion, the researchers also extracted from malt water decoction α Amylase β Amylase and pancreatic amylase activator.

β Amylase can completely hydrolyze sugar starch into maltose, α Amylase breaks it down into short, straight chain condensed glucose, dextrin, which can be reconstituted by β Amylase hydrolyzes maltose, which is easy to be absorbed by human body.

This may be the reason why malt is more focused on "eliminating" the food product of rice and noodles.

At this point, some people may wonder why hawthorn, malt and Shenqu have different emphasis on the elimination of accumulated food. Don't worry, I Ru also in the following for you to answer Oh!

 "Treasure food" for invigorating the spleen, appetizing and soothing the liver!

Malt also contains rich dietary fiber, in the process of digestion, dietary fiber will do a "massage" for our intestinal tract in the body.

Imagine, after a long day's hard work, if someone can press it for us, will we feel "the whole person is all right"?

It's the same in our bodies. The gastrointestinal tract works conscientiously every day. If we eat too much food, the gastrointestinal tract needs to work overtime. After a long time, you will naturally want to "strike".

If we can give a comprehensive "massage" to the exhausted intestine, let it relax and relax, it will naturally be able to put into the next work in a more healthy state.

Regulating intestinal flora

Intestinal microflora is a hot field in recent years. After continuous exploration, many diseases and symptoms may have a certain relationship with intestinal flora, let alone digestive system problems.

Researchers found that the malt fiber in malt can improve the digestion and absorption function of gastrointestinal tract by regulating the type and quantity of intestinal flora.

We may not understand the intestinal flora because it is too microscopic. You can think of these microbes in the gut as workers employed by the gut to help the intestines. Some of the workers are diligent, while others are cheating and playing tricks. They not only don't work, but also form gangs and bully the working people and engage in "workplace bullying", which makes the internal environment of the whole gastrointestinal tract a mess.

The so-called regulation of intestinal microflora is to "rectify" them, so that everyone can return to their respective positions and perform their duties well.

Malt plays such a role.

 "Treasure food" for invigorating the spleen, appetizing and soothing the liver!

Lactation and lactation

"Lactation" and "milk returning" sound like two completely opposite meanings. Why do the same kind of malt have two opposite effects?

This is the wonder of Chinese herbal medicine.

In our Chinese language, there are words like "too much more than enough" and "things will go against when they are extreme". Although they have different meanings, they all tell us to have a "degree" in everything.

Chinese herbal medicine is closely linked with nature, and its various pharmacological effects imply the close relationship between human and nature. When using malt, it is very important to grasp this "degree".

Modern medicine believes that the production of milk is closely related to the content of prolactin in women. Ergot compounds in malt have the function of dopamine agonist. Dopamine can regulate the secretion of prolactin by acting on the hypothalamus and binding with its receptor.

"The secret of traditional Chinese medicine does not spread lies in the quantity". Whether malt is lactating or returning to milk is closely related to the dosage.

Small dose of Shugan Jieyu and lactation (need to use compound), large dose of strong dissipation of Qi and blood and milk (with a single prescription can be).

The dosage of malt is less than 30g, and the commonly used amount is 6-15g; The amount of milk should be more than 60g, and the commonly used amount is 120g (raw malt, fried malt alone or raw malt and fried malt can be 60 g each).

In women with weaning or milk stasis, if accompanied by milk collateral obstruction, the effect of stir fried malt on milk return may not be good. In this case, if it is combined with raw malt to help soothe the liver and smooth the milk collaterals, it may achieve twice the result with half the effort.

What is the difference between raw malt, fried malt and burnt malt?

Raw malt

Raw malt can soothe the liver and strengthen the spleen, eliminate food and stomach. It is suitable for spleen deficiency and stagnation, stagnation of diet, stagnation of heat, fullness of epigastric fullness and so on. In clinical, raw malt is often used when dealing with liver depression and qi stagnation, disharmony between liver and stomach, and food accumulation and heat.

When discussing "Zhengan Xifeng Decoction" in "zhongzhongshenxilu", it is mentioned that: "Gaigan is a general's official, and his nature is Congo. If the drug is forced to use, or to stimulate its reactionary force... Malt is the sprout of the grain, and it is also good at using it. It will make the nature of liver wood not depressed. "

It is stated in the book "medical heart, reference and Xilu · explanation of barley bud": "For its good digestion... Although it is a medicine for the spleen and stomach, it is good at soothing liver qi. When the liver is covered, it is spring; in the five acts of wood... Malt and liver are in the same breath, so they are good at soothing them. "

The spleen and stomach live together in the middle Jiao, in which the spleen qi dominates the rise and the stomach qi dominates the decline. Raw malt is the sprout of barley, which has the nature of germinating. It can not only follow the general Qi of ganmu, enter the liver meridian and soothe the liver qi, but also follow the temperament to control the rise and development of barley.

If the nature of Spleen Qi rising is normal, the spleen's function of governing transportation and transformation is normal. If the spleen is in charge of transportation and normal function, it can promote the digestion and absorption of food. Therefore, raw malt enters the spleen meridian and can soothe the liver and invigorate the spleen.

Stir fried malt

Fried malt is partial to promoting qi and digestion, which can enhance the function of appetizing and digesting food. It is suitable for eating too much, poor spleen transportation and loose stool for a long time. Clinically, when dealing with food accumulation, fried malt is often used to appetizer.

"Ding Ganren clinical medicine collection · malt" said:“ Cooked and rotten grain, eliminate and guide without stop; The operation of Sanjiao can promote the circulation without stagnation. Malt is nontoxic, stir fry yellow to remove awns, and keep buds. "

 "Treasure food" for invigorating the spleen, appetizing and soothing the liver!

Caramel malt

The results showed that the effect of digestion and accumulation was stronger after stir frying malt, which focused on Invigorating the stomach and digestion, as well as Tonifying Qi, strengthening spleen and stopping diarrhea. It can be used to dissipate food and guide stagnation if food accumulation swallows acid, stops eating and epigastric distension. Coke malt is often used when dealing with diarrhea due to food accumulation or spleen deficiency.

It is written in Volume III of medical practice that: "Diarrhea... Such as food accumulation, add malt, hawthorn stir fry black." The 2015 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia states that: "Burnt malt can be used for food retention and abdominal distension." The main function of roasted malt is that it can strengthen the stomach and eliminate food.

At this point, some people may ask: "will the enzymes contained in malt not lose their activity due to charring? Why would frying enhance the ability of digesting and accumulating

It seems reasonable to ask, but it is not.

First of all, the enzymes in malt do help the gastrointestinal tract digest, which is why raw malt can also be used for digestion and stomach.

But at the same time, the active ingredients in malt can also help the body to secrete and produce a variety of enzymes for digestion and absorption. That is to say, when malt helps digestion, it will not only "teach it fish", but also "teach it to fish". The content of fried malt and burnt malt is relatively high.

Secondly, lactic acid is one of the components of malt elimination. The amount of milk acid in malt increases with the increase of frying degree.

In addition, Maillard reaction exists in malt processing, which can produce burnt aroma and strengthen spleen and digestion. It is speculated that the enhancement of the effect of digestion and stagnation after malt processing may be related to the intermediate products produced in Maillard reaction.

It is also because of this, in the regulation of intestinal flora, raw, fried and burnt malt are also different to a certain extent.

On these, scholars have not stopped the pace of research. I believe there will be more and more new research and new achievements in the future, but you can rest assured that I will share them with you in time!

Hawthorn, malt and Shenqu have different emphases

Crataegus eliminates meat stagnation

Hawthorn contains hawthorn acid, tartaric acid, acid, lipase and other effective components. These ingredients can stimulate gastric mucosa and duodenal mucosa, promote gastric juice secretion and enhance digestive function.

Not only that, they can promote the activity of pepsin in the stomach, help protein digestion, lipase can help promote the decomposition of fat.

So you see, when choosing hawthorn for meat accumulation, traditional experience and scientific theory are consistent.

As for fresh hawthorn, raw hawthorn, coke hawthorn, you can see the following link.

Area stagnation of malt elimination

As for the role of malt in the digestion, it has been described in detail above, so we will not repeat it here.

Shenqu eliminates the accumulation of fruits and vegetables, wine and food

From the perspective of modern medicine, Shenqu is a kind of yeast product, containing a variety of digestive enzymes. It has similar pharmacological effects with western medicine's yeast tablets. Therefore, it has a good digestive effect on the accumulation of fruits and vegetables and other foods, which is "coincident" with the traditional records of traditional Chinese medicine.

Common small formula containing malt

Also Ru here to introduce several common malt related small recipes, for your reference.

Fried porridge

Stir fry malt 10 grams, japonica rice 60 ~ 100 grams.

Fried malt water, take its juice, add japonica rice porridge, porridge cooked according to their own needs to add appropriate amount of sugar seasoning. Once a day for 3-5 days.

This porridge can be digested and in, suitable for food accumulation, abdominal distension, etc.

Erya congee

Fried rice sprouts, fried malt 10 grams, 60-100 grams of Japonica rice.

Fried rice sprouts, fried malt water, take its juice, add japonica rice porridge, porridge cooked according to their own needs to add appropriate amount of sugar seasoning. Once a day for 3-5 days.

This porridge can be digested and accumulated. It is suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency, dyspepsia and infantile malnutrition.

Two bud pigeon soup

Codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus membranaceus, fried malt, fried corn sprout each 10 grams, 1 pigeon.

The medicine bag, together with the pigeon put into the pot together with the water stew cooked food.

This decoction can invigorate the spleen and stomach and replenish qi and blood.

Malt cake

120 grams of malt, 30 grams of orange peel, 30 grams of fried Atractylodes macrocephala, 60 grams of Shenqu, 150 grams of rice flour, and appropriate amount of sugar.

Grind the above ingredients into powder, mix with sugar and rice flour, add water to mix, make 10-15 small cakes as usual, put them into a bowl, and steam them in a steamer.

This cake can be digested, moderate, invigorating spleen and appetizing. It is suitable for children who don't think of diet or dyspepsia, and full of epigastric distension. Take 2-3 pieces of malt cake daily for 5-7 days.

 "Treasure food" for invigorating the spleen, appetizing and soothing the liver!

If you think these are troublesome, just boil some malt tea to drink.

It should be noted that malt tea is not recommended as a drink for a long time. People who usually eat excessive nutrition and cause obesity, constipation, acne and dyspepsia can take malt tea for a period of time, and then stop after the symptoms are improved. If there is no stagnation, only simple spleen and stomach weakness, do not recommend drinking alone. Pregnant women should use it with caution. Lactating women should use it under the guidance of doctors.

What is the story of a cup of malt tea?

What's the story of a bowl of brown rice?

Even if it is a table full of Manchu and Han, what story can there be?

There is a story about the busy figure in my memory who always wears an apron and works hard, asks us about the cold and warms us, and cooks and cooks tea for us.

Whenever the body and mind are tired, lament the powerlessness of fate, when wandering thousands of miles, when the wind and dust, when vulnerable and helpless, when confused collapse, when suffering can't be said, we really miss the tea in memory, a bowl of rice?

Hi, what a wonderful taste! It's just a half bowl of feelings, a scoop of the past, and a few drops of tenderness and nostalgia.

Understanding the past without remonstrance, life is like a journey against the present, take pity on the people in front of you.