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In the 21st century, why do investors choose the unique medicated diet of Chen Nongfu?

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Time of publication: 09:10, March 24, 2021 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

After 17 years of research and development of traditional Chinese medicine technology, its success has been the best in the world. Later, the technology was provided to the majority of the people by the R & D free of charge, and started a health blueprint for the global community.

Is this man a fool? Or a madman? We will not comment for the time being.

In this idealistic career, this man is no more than committed to "curing the disease" - a topic that has plagued the common people in cloth clothes for thousands of years, into a human reality of "no money can be optimistic about diseases".

 In the 21st century, why do investors choose the unique medicated diet of Chen Nongfu?

The hardships must be hard to describe.

Since ancient times, "good treatment" and "preventive treatment" have been the highest praise of ancient doctors, but this must be carried by extraordinary morality which is hard to reach by ordinary people.

It is because, for any country in any era, to solve the sufferings of the people is far from a problem that can be solved by the power of pouring out the country.

So, what efforts has been made by this brand of dietotherapy in the 23 years of tolerating the heavy burden to push the great cause of Acer, which has never been seen before, into the process of human history and civilization.

 In the 21st century, why do investors choose the unique medicated diet of Chen Nongfu?

The most well-known is the "four uniqueness":

The only word-of-mouth brand that turns "good medicine bitter taste" into "good medicine delicious".

It is the only brand that makes the effect of diet therapy better than that of traditional Chinese medicine and faster than that of Western medicine.

The only brand with over 20 years of operation and more than 300 stores without negative word of mouth.

It is the only brand that makes home culture successful.

Here, the price of a cup of nutritious food soup is only equivalent to the consumption standard of ordinary street fast food.

It has really achieved the fact that people get sick without spending money.

The research and development of "tangible material + intangible material" combination of vitality nutrition, activate the human body's own strong self repair ability, make its effect better than traditional Chinese medicine, faster than western medicine, safer than surgery, and more comprehensive than instruments.

Adhering to the fundamental tenet of "the same source of medicine and food" and "the same function of medicine and food", a simple three meals a day has an unimaginable positive effect. With the emotional dredging and exercise management, the effect is more than doubled, which can achieve the real quick and effective health purpose.

This is not an empty comment, but a fundamental fact that has been verified or is being verified by thousands of people.

 In the 21st century, why do investors choose the unique medicated diet of Chen Nongfu?

Why is diet more important than medicine? According to traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition is more important than medicine, and food therapy is more than medication. Taking medicine is to make the body reject nutrition. This is why patients who take medicine for a long time are all pale, listless and less than one day; Food therapy is to reserve nutrition for the body, improve life vitality, and make the body free from dependence on drugs. After professional and orderly diet treatment, we can get rid of the old problems of decades, eliminate the sub-health state, and make people more energetic.

This is the truth that "diet is better than medicine" and "prevention is better than treatment".

 In the 21st century, why do investors choose the unique medicated diet of Chen Nongfu?

Surprisingly, with outstanding technology in hand, developers do not attach importance to their own products, but advocate a brand value of "dedication to love and happy management".

It is said in medical books that people's diseases are caused by negative and bad emotions. "Seven emotions" dominate the "five zang organs". They are sad about the lung, happy and sad, angry to hurt the liver, thinking to hurt the spleen, and afraid to hurt the kidney. Therefore, "heart disease" is more important than "body disease".

To make the store a community sharing platform for everyone to share and enjoy, a gathering place of positive energy, open management, altruism, selfless love, sense of responsibility and dedication, and achievement of the spiritual habitat of the masses, is to create an Eden that everyone in modern city yearns for.

Moreover, every franchisee is required to conscientiously implement and study the company's brand management culture, refuse hypocrisy, do not sell love or package themselves with morality, have zero tolerance for fishing for fame and reputation, cheat the world and steal fame, require everyone to be grateful and awed, assiduously understand the brand culture, and serve others with selfless heart.

On the contrary, more and more entrepreneurs and billionaires praise this wonderful corporate culture and extend olive branches to it.

In 2021, there are more than 300 franchise stores in China, especially in the near future. It can be seen that the brand still has the advantages of striking the ground in a single arrow under the condition that the technology is far away from the industry, the standards are improving and the effect is close to perfect.

 In the 21st century, why do investors choose the unique medicated diet of Chen Nongfu?

To be sure, it is the "one cup of diet soup = a fast food" that breaks the conventional low price, which has greatly surprised the business community and won the sincerity of countless citizens. What's more, there are additional professional extra services such as sports management, emotional counseling, nutritional catering and so on.

An enterprise with low price and high allocation, which has been implemented consistently for decades, may not really have carried the banner of justice on its own. It is the pursuit of thousands of people that has consolidated the backbone of his growth.

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