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Spring "eye dry, eye bloated" how to do?

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Time of publication: 10:08, March 2, 2021 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

Speaking of the four seasons health knowledge, we must know that we should prevent summer heat in summer, dryness in autumn and cold in winter. What should we guard against in spring when everything recovers and grass grows and Orioles fly?

 Spring "eye dry, eye bloated" how to do?

Maybe some friends will say, "liver should be raised in spring." I think this kind of thinking is very good, but it is not complete enough. I think spring should not only nourish the liver, but also "protect the eyes". Today we'll talk about: why is it easier to have dry eyes in spring? How should we moisten our eyes in such a season?

Spring breeze easily injures the eyes

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are five elements of wood, fire, earth, gold and water, which correspond to the five organs of liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney respectively. The five zang organs of the human body match the five seasons of spring (wind), summer (summer), long summer (wet), autumn (dry) and winter (cold), so they are more likely to be disturbed by the corresponding evil Qi in the corresponding solar terms.

Corresponding to spring is the wind.

"The spring breeze is green on the South Bank of the river" and "the spring breeze brings warmth into Tusu". The spring breeze described by the poet is always poetic and picturesque. However, in the traditional Chinese medicine, "spring wind" needs to be prevented more, "wind is the chief of all diseases" and "wind is the head of six evils". In the warm season of spring wind, the natural world is dominated by "wind", the head is the meeting of all Yang, and the eyes are the sect of seven orifices. The wind is Yang evil, and it is easy to hurt Yang's eyes. Neijing says: "those who violate the evil of wind deficiency, Yang will receive it." Therefore, those who are injured by the wind should be first exposed to the wind, and their eyes should be opened on the upper part. If they are exposed to the wind, they are most vulnerable to the invasion of wind evil. As the ophthalmology book "Jian Yao Han" said: "the wind, the wind, how many disasters? It's better to damage your eyes before you hurt your body. ".

 Spring "eye dry, eye bloated" how to do?

"Spring breeze" is a natural climate characteristic and a predisposing factor of diseases. It is like that some people will have joint pain when the wind and rain suddenly change, some people will shed tears in the wind when the weather is cold, some people will sneeze when the flowers are fragrant, and many friends will have dry eyes, astringent eyes and swollen eyes when the solar term of "windy clouds" comes, Eye fatigue increased. The real cause of these symptoms is the dysfunction of internal organs. In spring, the cause of dry eyes should be found from the "liver"

The wind produced in nature is external wind, and dysfunction of viscera can also produce a kind of wind, which belongs to internal wind. Its production is closely related to liver“ If the liver blood is insufficient, or the liver Yang is partial hyperactivity, the eye may be dry and astringent, the hands and feet numbness in the morning, and the neck is stiff and painful. This is also in line with the statement in Su Xiang Zhi Zhen Yao Da Lun: "all wind falls dizzy, all belong to the liver" and "all violence and rigidity belong to wind".

 Spring "eye dry, eye bloated" how to do?

Therefore, many experienced mothers will say to their children: "it's spring, it's good for your eyes to eat more goat liver", "drink some medlar and chrysanthemum tea, you can protect your eyes". These simple experiences inherited from generations actually contain the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Sheep liver can replenish liver blood“ Wolfberry chrysanthemum tea "can nourish the liver and clarify the purpose. The principle of compatibility is actually one side of" dispersing wind heat "and the other side" nourishing liver yin ". Today, we are going to introduce this Chinese patent medicine, which is the enhanced version of" wolfberry chrysanthemum tea ", which is" Mingmu Dihuang Pill ".

Mingmu Dihuang Pill

This prescription has a long history and has been cited by many doctors. There are many versions of it. It is a classic prescription for nourishing the kidney and liver, nourishing blood and improving eyesight. It can relieve dry eyes, sore eyes in the morning, and long-term fatigue. At present, there are Chinese patent medicines with the same name. The compositions of the drugs included in Pharmacopoeia are as follows: Rehmannia glutinosa, Cornus officinalis, Chinese yam, peony bark, Poria cocos, Alisma orientalis, medlar seed, chrysanthemum, angelica, Paeonia alba, Tribulus terrestris and Cassia obtusifolia.

Is it a sense of deja vu to see such drug composition? In fact, if we are familiar with it, we may see that the prescription contains Qi Ju Di Huang Wan, which nourishes the liver and brightens the eyes; If you are not familiar with it, it seems that there are several more herbs in this prescription than Qiju Dihuang pill. Let's talk about the differences

Nourishing liver blood

Traditional Chinese medicine often said: "the treatment of wind first treatment of blood, blood wind self extinction.". The problem of dry eyes in spring is caused by "external wind inducing internal wind". Therefore, if you want to correct this kind of eye problems, you should also pay attention to nourishing liver blood while nourishing liver and kidney. This is the reason why angelica and Paeonia Alba are combined here.

Calming liver wind

Shijueming is made of abalone shells. It tastes salty and cold. It can nourish the liver yin, cool the liver and calm the liver. It can be used in the eye diseases of excess syndrome and deficiency syndrome. Therefore, it is often used in the treatment of shyness, dark eyes, and green blindness of blood deficiency and liver heat. Zhang Xichun called it "Lianggan Zhengan Yaoyao"; Tribulus terrestris is the fruit of Tribulus terrestris used as medicine. Its taste is pungent and can enter blood. It is an important medicine for dispersing wind heat of liver meridian, clearing eyes and removing Yi.

This is Yangxue Bugan "Mingmu Dihuang Pill", then what symptom can it apply to?

Eye fatigue

"Neijing" said: "long time vision hurt blood.". In today's era of interconnection and information explosion, we should keep our "eyes" in a highly tense work since we open our eyes in the morning, so as to quickly absorb all kinds of information, so as to facilitate us to "work out strategies and make decisions thousands of miles away."

In this way, the work is successful, and our "eyes" are also tired. In addition, there is another phenomenon. I wonder if you have paid attention to it. Nowadays, no matter adults or children, the most inseparable thing is the mobile phone. You need to look at work, leisure and entertainment, go to bed, and even cross the road. These excessive dependence on electronic products is also a great harm to the eyes. Therefore, when you have eye swelling pain, itching, long-term vision easy to fatigue, and even eyebrow bone pain, it is the signal of "long-term vision injury blood".

Eye symptoms with tinnitus

Older people are more likely to have dry eyes, tinnitus, night sweats. Just before the new year, my mother said to me, "do you want me to pick my ears? Recently, I feel like something is falling from my ears when I eat something..."

 Spring "eye dry, eye bloated" how to do?

I know that my mother's problems can not be solved by ear picking. She has been isolated at home for a long time, and she choked out some fire. After explaining to her clearly, she said, "let me drink chrysanthemum tea for a few days first."

Then, did tinnitus disappear? did not! My mother drank a jar of chrysanthemums, but "the feeling of something falling out of my ear is always there.". After these days, she also knew that her symptoms needed to be recuperated. Then I bought her some boxes of Mingmu Dihuang pills, which are small water pills that can be bought on the market. After eating for about ten days, the sound of "clattering" in her ears really disappeared. When visiting relatives in the new year, she told people about her tinnitus experience.

"Neijing" said: "liver disease, deficiency is not seen, ears have nothing to hear."《 Sheng Ji Zong Lu says: "the kidney opens up in the ear, the liver opens up in the eyes, the kidney and liver viscera, and the water and wood grow together. If the kidney essence is insufficient, the liver yuan is deficient, the water and wood can't grow together, and the orifices are all unfavorable. "Many elderly people don't pay attention to it when they are not able to see clearly. They think it is a natural phenomenon that they are getting older. They don't think of treatment until they have tinnitus. In fact, this is not right.

Eye protection is a slow work, is a protracted battle.

I hope that today's article not only let you know more about a dose of Chinese patent medicine, but also hope that you can apply the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to life, and infiltrate the habit of protecting eyes into daily life. Finally, I would like to attach a section of the academic summary of Ophthalmology health care by Tang Youzhi, the leader of Ophthalmology, who is the leader of the ophthalmology department and the leader of golden needle therapy for Chairman Mao

Eyes know

First, it is mainly to tonify the liver and kidney and to improve eyesight. According to the theory of five rounds that the liver opens its orifices in the eyes, and the pupil spirit belongs to the kidney water, most patients with fundus diseases are caused by deficiency of liver and kidney.

Second, seed drugs, such as Cuscuta chinensis, Lycium barbarum, Fructus broussonetiae, Rosa laevigata, raspberry, cassia seed, also have the effect of tonifying liver and kidney, astringent and strengthening essence, especially for the elderly and patients with congenital deficiency.

Third, tonic and tonic drugs, such as Alisma orientalis, Plantago seed, gardenia, forsythia, Schizonepeta, Saposhnikovia divaricata, etc., should be used for tonifying and tonifying.