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Why can't a feast be separated from almond dew?

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Time of publication: 09:07, February 23, 2021 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

The Lantern Festival is coming soon.

It is said that the most beautiful thing in the world is reunion. On the night of the Lantern Festival, we enjoy the Lantern Festival, enjoy the full moon, visit the lanterns, guess lantern riddles, and count the happy reunion.

 Why can't a feast be separated from almond dew?

On that day, Yiru ran into a friend and asked, "how do you plan to spend the first full moon night of this year?"

Unexpectedly, my friend sighed a little, half self mockery, half jokingly said: "boil a bowl of Yuanxiao to make do with eating, even if the festival is over! After all, I can't imagine the happiness of the rich. "

Listen to this, also Ru did not hold back, chuckled out.

I didn't expect that my friends, who are not smiling all day long, have learned the popular Internet term "wage earner". So, also Ru also can't help but tease the mind, "serious" said: "it doesn't matter, you can't imagine, I'll tell you."

Let's talk about Jia's house, which is very rich!

 Why can't a feast be separated from almond dew?

The Lantern Festival has been mentioned many times in a dream of Red Mansions. The opening of the festival is the Lantern Festival, and the Royal concubine's relatives are also on the Lantern Festival. However, about the Lantern Festival of Jiafu, the author wrote the most ink in the fifty-three chapters and fifty-four chapters.

Jia's Lantern Festival is really lively!

Let's first look at the display. There are incense burning tripod, flower vase, bonsai, peacock in the screen, Hibiscus in mattress, etc. all kinds of curios are really in vogue for a time.

If you look at the entertainment activities, there are opera troupes singing, storytelling and amusing, drumming and plum blossom spreading, and firecrackers and fireworks.

No matter how lively the scene is and how grand the banquet is, it also needs to have a "town can live" ending.

This "treasure of town" is our leading role today, sweet almond.

At the end of the day's jubilation, the story of a dream of Red Mansions says, "when the soup is served again, Mrs. Jia said," the night is long, and I feel a little hungry. " Sister Feng quickly replied, "duck porridge is ready." Mother Jia said, "I'll have something light." Sister Feng said, "there are also rice porridge made by jujube for ladies to eat." Mrs. Jia said with a smile, "it's either greasy or sweet." Fengjie'er again said, "there is almond tea. I'm afraid it will be sweet." Mother Jia said, "it's just that." Said, and ordered people to remove the remnant seat, outside set up a variety of exquisite dishes. We ate some at will, used mouthwash tea, Fang San. "

 Why can't a feast be separated from almond dew?

You see, this Phoenix sister is not easy.

What hasn't Jia Mu seen? What didn't you eat? If you want to serve, it's really a technical job!

In this round, duck meat, japonica rice jujube porridge "lost" to almond tea.

What is unique about almond tea?

Let's study it together.

Moisten lung and relieve asthma

This is the description of sweet almond in Sichuan Traditional Chinese medicine records "It can moisten the lung and widen the stomach, dispel phlegm and relieve cough. It is most suitable to treat cough and asthma due to asthenia and fatigue, and to be depressed in the heart and abdomen, especially for dry and deficiency cough

In Ben Cao Bian Du, it is said that: "Sweet almonds, which can be used as fruit food, have similar indications (with almonds). It is used in the prescription of asthenia labor and cough, and has no bitter and bad nature

So, sweet almond is moistening lung, can stop cough.

 Why can't a feast be separated from almond dew?

Sweet almond cough and asthma, largely from such a component: amygdalin.

You may ask, "I heard amygdalin is poisonous?"

First of all, amygdalin itself is non-toxic. However, when they are metabolized by enzymes, hydrocyanic acid is produced. Once excessive hydrocyanic acid will cause damage to human body.

From amygdalin to hydrocyanic acid, it is necessary to go through a "process".

It needs to see amygdalin enzyme, amygdalin enzyme to take it to "take a bath", hydrolyze to wild cherry glycoside“ After the bath, the wild cherry glycoside will go to see some other enzymes, which will be "cleaned up inside and outside", and finally decompose into benzaldehyde and hydrocyanic acid.

Secondly, the reason why sweet almond is more suitable for food therapy is that its Amygdalin Content is less.

The content of Amygdalin in bitter almond is about 3%, while that in sweet almond is only 0.111%.

This quantity is very safe!

As we all know, in the micro world, there are several descriptions of drugs: "effective dose" and "toxic dose".

This content of amygdalin can only decompose a small amount of hydrocyanic acid, which is just within the effective dose. It can relieve cough and asthma by acting on respiratory center and bronchial smooth muscle.

 Why can't a feast be separated from almond dew?

Moisten intestines and relieve constipation

Before we talk about sweet almonds moistening the intestines and defecating, we should first talk about a recent incident.

Although the matter is small, but quite some let also ru "the pain is not ready to live" posture.

Don't think too much, it means literally, pain!

It was a gloomy morning (the description of the environment here suggests that something not so good is about to happen). After getting up to wash, Yiru suddenly began to have abdominal pain.

Suddenly! There's no reason for the pain!

It felt like someone was "pulling" Yiru's intestines, but they were not "pulling" properly. They left, right, up and down. They were very naughty.

Not only that, but also very "bloated", unable to stand, sit down, too grinding.

Come on, go to the hospital!

Blood test, urine test, ultrasound, CT... A whole "luxury package" was done. Yiru's friend said to Yiru happily, "Congratulations, you're not sick."

good heavens! Congratulations! They are really my family and friends!

Sick, is really not sick; Pain, is really too painful.

It's better to ask for others than to ask for self-study.

So, Yiru took out a mirror.

It's not a magic mirror, but also Ru doesn't have a magic mirror to realize her wish. It's an ordinary little mirror.

Others are yellow to the mirror, but also Ru is sticking out their tongue to the mirror.

Mmm... How familiar is this tongue? It seems that Dr. Luo talked about it?

The tongue coating is light yellow, especially in the first half of the tongue. Ah, it's lung qi stagnation!

What is it for? Yes, almond dew!

 Why can't a feast be separated from almond dew?

So also Ru used some software to buy a few bottles of almond dew, let its door-to-door delivery( Why is it delivered to your door? Because it's too painful to move.)

After two bottles of almonds were exposed, they held hot water bags and counted sheep for a while. Gradually, their stomachs began to gurgle, as if they were breathing down. Then I began to "exhaust" and felt like I wanted to go to the bathroom.

With the sound of the toilet, also Ru's pain was slowly flushed out.

"Lung and large intestine form exterior and interior", the function of almond dew here is to defecate by lowering Lung Qi through almond.

So, from the microscopic point of view, what is the effect of sweet almond?

First of all, the sweet almond oil in the sweet almond can moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. This is equivalent to lubricating the intestinal tract to help defecation.

Under normal circumstances, our intestines are peristaltic, and the substances in the intestines will be "pushed out" bit by bit.

In retrospect, the reason why Yiru feels pain in any direction is probably that the intestinal tract is not smooth enough. The things in the intestinal tract can't move forward according to the established route, so they can only rush left and right, hoping to "fight for a way out" for themselves.

Secondly, studies have shown that sweet almond extract can improve intestinal smooth muscle spasm.

Imagine, when we drink pearl milk tea, if the straw "pinches", is it difficult to suck up the "Pearl"? Intestinal tract is also the same reason, the spasm state will be removed, in order to be more "unobstructed.".

At the same time, sweet almond extract can also inhibit the expression of inflammatory factors to a certain extent“ Red, swelling, heat and pain "are common manifestations of inflammation. I think that the two bottles of almond dew can relieve Yiru's pain, which is also related to this.

Almond Tea

In the morning, the book shop is noisy, moistening the lung and promoting the body fluid. A bowl of cold milk really palatable, sweet than almond tea.

In the fifty-four chapters of a dream of Red Mansions, the author does not give the specific practice of almond tea. So, also Ru went to look up some classics.

Almond tea is also called almond cheese or apricot cheese.

Zhu Yi in the early Qing Dynasty (y í) The practice of "apricot cheese" is recorded in "Shi Xian Hong Mi" "Soak the sweet almonds in hot water, add a pinch of furnace ash into the water, wait for cold, pinch off the skin, rinse with water, and then measure in water, such as grinding tofu and grinding with water. Use silk bag to squeeze juice to remove residue, add juice to mix, cook, such as white sugar cream to eat hot. Or a little milk. "

Hao Yi, a Jinshi from Qixia, Shandong Province, during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty (y ì) The processing method of apricot cheese recorded in the records of shaishutang is as follows: "Take the sweet almonds, soak them in water, peel them off, grind them in a small mill, mix them with water, put them into a pot, and cook them with glutinous rice chips, such as sorghum paste method. Add in as much sugar as you like

 Why can't a feast be separated from almond dew?

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing special about it. To say it in vernacular language, it means squeezing sweet almonds into juice and boiling it!

The special point is "sweet almond".

Studies have shown that adding different doses of sweet almond to high-fat diet can reduce serum low-density lipoprotein and other concentrations.

You think, at the Lantern Festival, there is no delicious food, but no matter how delicious it is, it will be greasy to eat it all day, and if you eat too much, you will feel bored.

The existence of sweet almond can reduce the content of low density lipoprotein, triglyceride and cholesterol in blood to a certain extent, which may play a positive role in preventing a series of diseases related to hyperlipidemia.

Sure enough, it's different to be well-informed.

Mrs. Jia may not know these professional terms, but she is really "Practicing" and integrating health care into all aspects of life.

Nowadays, at all kinds of dinners, many people have replaced carbonated drinks with almond dew drinks. Is it related to this?

Sweet almond and bitter almond

Bitter almond, also known as North almond, comes from the dry and mature seeds of Prunus armeniaca and Prunus armeniaca. It is flat heart-shaped, slightly pointed at the top, obtuse round at the base, asymmetric on the left and right, and dark brown seed coat. It tastes bitter and has little poison. Generally in the pharmacy to buy, need to use under the guidance of the doctor, usually diet is best not to use.

Some people once had such doubts: "eh, I went to the pharmacy to buy bitter almonds, but the clerk told me that only fried almonds, this is why?"

When many people go to the prescription, the prescription says bitter almonds, but when they get to the drugstore, they only have fried almonds. In fact, fried almonds generally refer to fried bitter almonds. If you are afraid of buying wrong, you can also consult the shop assistant.

In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, bitter almonds are rarely directly used as medicine, and most of them are fried bitter almonds. Because of this, some pharmacies directly "abbreviate" to "fried almonds".

Why use it like this?

Because processing can reduce the "toxicity" of bitter almonds. After frying, the activity of amygdalin decreased, so that amygdalin was not easily decomposed into hydrocyanic acid. In this way, it not only reduces the toxicity, but also maintains the ability of relieving cough and asthma, making it safer.

Sweet almond, also known as South almond, is generally a light seed of some cultivated varieties of apricot. Sweet almonds are generally larger than bitter almonds, symmetrical on the left and right, and light brown on the surface. It doesn't have much bitterness and is a good choice for dietotherapy.

Both sweet almond and bitter almond can relieve cough and relieve constipation. Bitter almond has strong medicinal power. It is an important medicine for treating cough and asthma. Sweet almond has strong moistening effect and slow drug effect. It is suitable for moistening lung, relieving cough, moistening intestine and relieving constipation.

A song of Shengge, spring like the sea, thousands of lights night like day.

Out of the window is the moon, such as China, Chan Juan; Inside the window is a warm meal with a strong sense of love.

Do you have a bowl of almond tea on your table?

The lights of every family are our most simple wishes;

Happiness and well-being is our most pure and beautiful yearning.

Lantern Festival is coming, I wish you and I have someone to accompany, with love, shoulder covered with spring breeze, eyes in the twinkling star.