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Talk about women's leucorrhea!

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Time of publication: 09:05, February 22, 2021 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

Since the special topic of basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, we have talked about a lot of prescriptions, including those for removing damp heat, treating constipation, and treating blood stasis. But I don't know if you have found out. We seldom talk about prescriptions for some "privacy" issues. Of course, this is not because there is no special prescription, but because there are few questions about this aspect. So there are few related contents. However, recently, we are generally asking a question: leucorrhea.

In the face of this disease, many women avoid talking about it, and often only talk to their sisters or mothers. In addition, "the one in the family" is also relatively slow and can't understand with him, which leads to a "dilemma" situation for many people once they get sick.

 Talk about women's leucorrhea!

There are two purposes of this article today. One is to recommend two prescriptions to you so that you can have a try at home and have solutions; The other is to play a role in science popularization. I hope you can pay attention to this issue.

Dai Xia disease is a disease name in traditional Chinese medicine. The name of Dai Xia is first found in Neijing, such as Suwen Gukong Lun "Ren Mai is sick... The woman brings down the pain to gather."

Basically equivalent to the vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation and other gynecological inflammation caused by abnormal leucorrhea. The symptoms of the patients with excessive vaginal discharge showed that the amount of vaginal tape was significantly increased, the color, quality and taste were abnormal, or accompanied with local symptoms such as pruritus, burning and pain of vulva and vagina; The patients with hypomenorrhea showed that the amount of vaginal discharge was significantly reduced than usual, vaginal dryness, itching pain or atrophy. Some patients were accompanied by low sexual desire, sexual intercourse pain, less menstruation or delayed menstruation, even amenorrhea, infertility and so on.

The prevalence of this disease in married women is as high as 90%, which is a disease with high incidence, so you don't need to look at it with colored glasses.

Is there any good prescription for this disease? The answer is Wandai Decoction and Yihuang decoction, both of which are from Fu Qingzhu's women's department.

In Wandai Decoction group, Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (stir fried with soil), yam (stir fried) with 30 g, ginseng with 6 g, radix paeoniae alba (stir fried with wine) 15 g, plantain seed (stir fried with wine), Atractylodes lancea (prepared) each 9 g, Glycyrrhiza 3 G, Pericarpium citri Reticulatae, black mustard ear and Bupleurum chinense 2 g respectively. This is an astringent agent with the effect of Tonifying the spleen and soothing the liver, removing dampness and stopping band. It is mainly used for spleen deficiency, liver depression and dampness. The symptoms were white in color, thin as tears, pale in complexion, tired and loose stool, light tongue, white fur, slow pulse or weak infiltration. Clinical commonly used in the treatment of vaginitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease and belong to spleen deficiency, liver depression, dampness and turbidity.

Yihuang decoction is composed of Dioscorea opposita Thunb (fried), Euryale ferox (stir fried) 30g, Cortex Phellodendri (salted water) 6G, Plantago seed (wine fried) 3G, Ginkgo (broken, 10 pieces) 12g. Yihuang decoction is also an astringent agent, which has the effect of strengthening kidney and stopping band, clearing heat and removing dampness. It is mainly used for kidney deficiency and dampness. The symptoms are thick and thick, and the color is yellow like strong tea juice. Its gas is fishy and filthy, the tongue is red, and the fur is yellow and greasy. Clinical commonly used in the treatment of cervicitis, vaginitis, kidney deficiency dampness heat injection.

 Talk about women's leucorrhea!

Yi Huang Tang medical records

This is a medical case from Mr. Yang Chengqi, who has a deep knowledge of liver disease, pain and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The "Qinglong powder" and "mi long powder" are very good for acute and chronic nephritis and proteinuria; The self-made "Pijiling" is widely used in the treatment of eczema, skin ulcer and other diseases.

Zhang, a 40 year old patient in Beihe Township, went to see a doctor Yang. She said that in the past four months, there were always a few days before her menstruation that yellow sticky liquid would flow out of her vagina, with a small amount of blood and less abdominal pain. Once looked for the village doctor to treat, said is the leucorrhea. Eat a few days of metronidazole, synergetic joint sulfonate tablets, leucorrhea tablets also do not matter.

The patient's tongue color was slightly red, and the tongue coating was thin and yellow. In addition, there was no special finding. The patient also said that there was no discomfort except leucorrhea and abdominal pain. Teacher Yang pondered for a long time and said to the patient, "you may have the yellow belt, but the yellow belt I saw before can flow out from the front Yin at any time. It's not only before menstruation. I haven't seen such a special patient as you. If it's really a yellow belt, it's not easy to treat. I'll give you three doses of medicine to try, to eat about a week before menstruation, if it doesn't work, think of another way. "

Prescription: yam 15g, Euryale ferox 15g, ginkgo 10g, Plantago seed (cloth bag) 15g, Cortex Phellodendri 10g, corydalis 12g, Rubia cordifolia 10g, Hedyotis diffusa 15g, licorice 6G.

This patient took three doses of symptoms will be reduced, so teacher Yang check the patient's tongue pulse no change, according to the original prescription prescribed 8 doses. Ask the patient to continue to take 5 doses after returning home, and take the other 3 doses within 7 days before the next menstruation. After taking the medicine, all symptoms were eliminated.

01 what is leucorrhea?

There are many medical cases today, but they are not too difficult. However, some people also found a problem, clearly said that the problem of leucorrhea, how there is a obesity medical record, is not the wrong set? No, no! You go on and look down.

 Talk about women's leucorrhea!

The word "Dai Xia" can be divided into broad sense and narrow sense. In general, Dai Xia refers to obstetrics and gynecology diseases. As these diseases occur under Dai pulse, it is called Dai Xia. There is a saying of "ten women and nine belts" among the people. Therefore, female doctors are often called Dai Xia doctors "Bian que is well-known all over the world. If you pass Handan, you will hear the lady (Zhao) and you will be the doctor."

In a narrow sense, there are physiological and pathological differences.

Physiological subzonation

Since puberty, normal women are full of kidney qi, good temper, smooth pulse and strong pulse. There is a small amount of white or colorless, transparent and odorless viscous liquid in vagina, especially before and after menstruation, mid menstruation and pregnancy, so as to moisten the vulva and prevent external evils. This is physiological.

Pathological subzone

However, the main cause of pathological hypodermia is dampness, which can be divided into endogenous and exogenous pathogenic factors. External dampness refers to exogenous dampness, which invades the uterus by taking advantage of deficiency during menstruation and postpartum, resulting in injury of Ren meridian, breach of appointment with pulse and causing leucorrhea. The production of internal dampness is closely related to the dysfunction of Qi and blood in Zang Fu organs; Deficiency of kidney yang, abnormal gasification, and stop of water dampness; Body Yin deficiency, feeling dampness and heat evil, injury and any belt. In a word, "Fu Qingzhu's Department of gynaecology" is a case of dampness.

Dysfunction of spleen and kidney is the internal condition of the disease, and the injury of Ren pulse and the loss of appointment with pulse are the basic pathogenesis of excessive leucorrhea. The common clinical types are as follows Spleen deficiency dampness stagnation, kidney yang deficiency, yin deficiency with dampness, dampness heat pouring down, dampness toxin accumulation Five.

In fact, speaking of this, we should all understand that it is related to "dampness", in fact, it is related to viscera in the final analysis.

Analysis of 02 Wandai Decoction case and its prescription

In fact, the obesity medical record in Su Wen · Qi Bing Lun said: "Vegetarianism is delicious and rich" According to the records, eating fat and sweet willfully will lead to spleen deficiency and loss of movement, so that water and grain will not be refined. Instead, water dampness and turbidity will accumulate in the skin and cause obesity. Moreover, water dampness depression can transform heat for a long time. Therefore, the treatment should strengthen the spleen and replenish qi, help transport and treat the root, promote water infiltration, clear heat and dry dampness.

In this way, we all understand that, in fact, Wandai decoction is used to treat the underlying diseases of spleen deficiency and dampness stagnation type. If I said so at first, you may not have a deep impression, but if you think like this: what disease does Wandai Decoction Treat? For what type of syndrome? Abnormal leucorrhea - obesity (same treatment for different diseases) - spleen deficiency and dampness, so it is better to remember more.

The next step is to expand and take a good look at this Wandai soup. I don't know if you have forgotten that the liver and spleen are enemies. If the spleen goes wrong, the liver will be affected; If there is a problem with the liver, there will also be a problem with the spleen. Fu also considered this problem, so this prescription is the spleen, stomach and liver three meridians of the same treatment method, containing tonic in the powder, send in the Sheng, Kai lift the liver wood Qi, liver blood is not dry, nor will the liver block the spleen soil, tonifying the spleen and soil is not wet, so the moisture is easy to dissipate.

Many people find that the drug ratio of Wandai decoction is unreasonable, either 30g or 2G. Is this OK? In fact, this is one of his ideas "Invigorate the Qi of spleen and stomach, and add some soothing liver products, so that the wind and wood are not blocked in the ground, then the earth Qi will rise from the sky, and the spleen will be healthy and the moisture will disappear, and there will be no leucorrhea.".

What do you mean? The dampness will disappear naturally when the temper is sound, so tonifying the spleen is a key, which is why the amount of tonifying spleen and removing dampness used in the prescription is very large. But this is not enough, and a little more soothing liver Qi drugs, can let the temper out, can play a therapeutic role.

Analysis of 03 Yihuang Decoction case and its prescription

Wandai decoction is the treatment of spleen deficiency and dampness type of diarrhea. What about Yihuang Decoction? Can we just separate them from the colors we wear? Take white to use Wandai soup, yellow to use Yihuang soup?

In fact, this is not possible. It is said in the treatise on the origin of various diseases that "the color of the spleen is yellow. If the spleen is yellow, it is the deficiency of the spleen, so it is accompanied by yellow." Wandai decoction is suitable for spleen deficiency dampness type of leucorrhea, its color has white and yellow, so it is not strict to distinguish by color alone.

Normally speaking, the yellow belt with yellow color such as strong tea juice is rare in clinical practice. This disease is often seen in both deficiency and excess, mixed cold and heat, and the treatment is more complex. If not treated in time, the prognosis may not be good.

According to the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of formation of yellow belt is kidney deficiency and damp heat. In the medical record, the patient's tongue is red and the fur is yellow and greasy, so there must be dampness and heat in the body; And nearly 40 years old, kidney deficiency, its pathogenesis or when the kidney deficiency dampness heat down to treat. Most gynecological diseases are closely related to Chong Ren pulse. Kidney deficiency is the deficiency of Ren pulse, dampness is the dampness of Ren pulse, and its heat is the heat of phase fire in kidney.

Therefore, to sum up, Yihuang decoction can treat kidney deficiency dampness heat type of leucorrhea. In addition to the key point of "red tongue and yellow greasy fur", kidney deficiency dampness heat type is characterized by excessive amount, yellow color, purulent or sticky odor, or pruritus of pudenda, chest tightness and upset, bitter mouth and dry throat, poor food intake, abdominal pain or little abdominal pain, short and red urine.

Finally, to sum up, both of them are treated with lower syndrome. However, Yihuang decoction is caused by kidney deficiency with heat and dampness heat; Wandai decoction is caused by spleen deficiency, liver depression and dampness turbidity.

04 health preservation

For such diseases, in addition to these two prescriptions, Chinese medicine can also be washed outside or fumigated with Chinese medicine.

External washing of traditional Chinese medicine: Fructus Cnidii, Radix Stemonae, hibiscus cortex, Sichuan pepper and dry alum were 20g respectively, and the affected parts were fumigated and washed after concentrated decoction. Suitable for vaginal pruritus with many.

Fumigation and washing with traditional Chinese medicine: Fructus Cnidii, Sichuan pepper, alum, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Rhizoma Stemonae, 20 g each) were fumigated and washed for 5 minutes or so before taking a sitz bath. It is suitable for those with severe pruritus. For pudendal ulcers, Sichuan peppers are needed.

In addition, we should also actively prevent and control, pay more attention to personal hygiene in daily life; Wear light colored underwear to check leucorrhea; Sexual intercourse should be done in a proper way to avoid infection; Eat little or no cold, spicy, sweet and greasy food, You can eat more black chicken, pig liver, job's tears, ginger, radish, which helps to strengthen the spleen yang and turn dampness.

In addition, you can beat and massage around the waist and abdomen when you are free; When the weather is fine, you can also bask in the sun, which is good for the prevention of gynecological diseases.