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I'd like to introduce you some small recipes to solve the sequelae of Spring Festival party!

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Time of publication: 2021-02-21 09:45 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

Today is the tenth day of the first month. The new year's long holiday has passed, and we have reopened the "migrant workers" mode. I wonder how we are eating this holiday~

During the Spring Festival, there are many kinds of gatherings, and the new year's Eve dinner in some places adopts the flow table mode, which lasts from the afternoon to midnight. When you are full, you can go to the table and continue to eat when you are hungry, which basically breaks the usual rule of three meals a day. Relatives and friends in the family seldom get together, eat and chat at the dinner table, and people who drink wine often raise their glasses, It's very easy to eat too much and eat too much!

In addition to Chinese New Year's or parties, many people have "difficulty in choosing" in their diet, and do not know what to eat. At this time, some people will choose to eat buffet. In order to "eat enough", they often "help the wall in when they are hungry, and help the wall out when they are full".

Modern research shows that it takes about 20 minutes from the beginning of eating to the time when the brain receives the signal of being full. I wonder if you have this feeling: you are eating just fine, but after a while, you will feel full of food. Your stomach is bloated. Sometimes even after a long time, the symptoms still remain unchanged.

 I'd like to introduce you some small recipes to solve the sequelae of Spring Festival party!

Gastric distention, the full name of traditional Chinese medicine is epigastric distension. It refers to the patients' feeling of stomach fullness, fullness of chest and diaphragm, frequent occurrence of gastrointestinal inflation, a feeling of satiety, bloating or slight pain, even anorexia and other clinical symptoms.

Gastric distension is mainly due to various reasons affecting the physiological function of the stomach, so that the stomach qi can not be normal and down, qi stagnation in the stomach.

Generally, there is no need for treatment. When the stomach qi is natural and smooth, the stomach distension will be good. If it occurs repeatedly or frequently, it should be treated in time.

The main causes of gastric distension are as follows:

Emotional disorder

Irritability, anxiety, sadness, depression and other adverse emotions may affect the spleen and stomach function, and stomach qi can not be reduced.

Lack of body fluid

Flatulence caused by intestinal dryness and constipation.

Food ferments in the body

People with weak spleen and stomach function have insufficient digestive capacity, which may lead to food residue in the stomach and intestines, which is easy to ferment for a long time, or excessive consumption of beans and other foods will produce a large amount of gas and cause flatulence.

4 inhale air

When eating, because the speech inhales a lot of air, and causes flatulence.

Eat too fast or too much

Without adequate chewing, the spleen and stomach can not be well digested, causing damage to the intestinal tract; Or a large number of diet, increased the burden of the stomach, leading to indigestion caused by gastric distension.

Disease or postoperative

Patients with duodenal ulcer, acute gastritis and other diseases often have symptoms of gastric distension. After gastric surgery, gastric collaterals will be damaged, Qi and blood will be consumed, and the stomach will lose its duty. The gas in the gastrointestinal tract is difficult to be discharged, causing gastric distension.

These reasons, will make the body's Qi changes, resulting in bad temper, stomach qi does not fall, resulting in dyspepsia, stomach qi block, will appear flatulence.

Hu eat sea drink after the stomach distension is really uncomfortable, in addition to the well-known Baohe Pill Today, Populus euphratica would like to recommend a few tricks to solve the sequelae of the party.


First of all, it is the protagonist of today, and also a classic prescription in traditional Chinese medicine—— Luowu Decoction

Food preparation

Five Luoshen flowers
Five plums

Dried hawthorn, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Huaishan tablet and poria cocos 10g each

Glycyrrhiza 5g rock sugar moderate


1. Wash all food ingredients, dry plum, hawthorn and tangerine peel for 30 minutes in advance;

2. Put all ingredients into the pot and add appropriate amount of water( The water soaked in black plum is also poured into it)

3. Turn to low heat after boiling for 30 minutes;

4. Add appropriate amount of rock sugar, stir and melt;

5. Finally, filter out the residue and drink the soup.

Ingredients we have been very familiar with, mainly to introduce the main materials.

Luoshen flower

It is also called Roselle. It has sour taste, pungent taste and flat nature. It belongs to the kidney meridian. It can clear away heat and reduce fire, generate fluid and quench thirst, replenish qi and activate blood circulation, strengthen stomach and eliminate food. It contains a variety of plant acids, which can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and promote the digestion of food.

dark plum

It has the functions of astringent lung, astringent, relieving diarrhea, promoting fluid and relieving thirst, and it contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and acidic substances, which can open the stomach, strengthen the spleen, and eliminate food and accumulation.

What we need to remind you is that most of the plum trees used in traditional Chinese medicine are smoked ones in pharmacies, but they are not fresh ones, dried ones or preserved snacks in supermarkets.

Careful friends may have found out, In fact, luowu decoction is based on the sour plum soup, and is made of addition and subtraction. It is appetizing, invigorating the spleen, moistening the intestines and detoxifying Luowu decoction can be used as a tea drink in daily life, which can improve a series of digestive system problems such as esophageal reflux, nausea, vomiting, belching, acid reflux, etc. if the patient has gastritis or gastric ulcer, it is better to drink it at intervals with the drugs under the guidance of doctors.

The second one is well known Hawthorn

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records that Hawthorn can: "diet, eliminate meat accumulation, pain, phlegm, fullness, swallowing acid, stagnant blood distending pain."

Hawthorn taste sour, sweet, slightly warm, into the spleen and stomach meridian, good at digestion and accumulation, especially good at eliminating meat accumulation, is suitable for eating too greasy after.

So when the appearance of flatulence, you can choose to drink a cup of hawthorn juice to ease. But be careful, Pregnant women and people with weak spleen and stomach should not drink hawthorn juice.

You can also take Raw hawthorn and stir fried malt each 15g, add water to make Hawthorn malt soup , two times a day, drinking for several days, can also alleviate the food accumulation and persistent flatulence.

The third trick is Honey ginger juice

There are only two kinds of ingredients, ginger and honey. Ginger can warm the stomach, stop vomiting, wake up the spleen and open the stomach, Clean ginger, slice, add proper amount of water in the bowl, then add appropriate amount of honey, stir evenly.

In addition to these, you can also use white radish boiled water, or chew some rice soup, can help relieve flatulence.

It is often said that you should eat eight points full. How can you do it? As mentioned in the above article, it takes about 20 minutes from the beginning of eating to the time when the brain receives the signal of full. The best way to eat "eight points full" is to chew and swallow slowly, which can not only taste the beauty of food, but also strengthen the spleen and stomach to prevent over fullness and bloating!

And after eating too much, you must not sit or lie down immediately. You should move properly. It can not only inhibit the production of fat, prevent the appearance of "small stomach", but also promote the blood circulation of the body. Of course, this "moving up" also refers to slow movement. Don't exercise violently when you are full~

We also know what to relieve gastrointestinal flatulence or xiaojishi tips, you can leave a message at the bottom of the article, and share with each other!