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I'd like to present you with a "comfortable, not angry" tea score~

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Time of publication: 09:35, February 2, 2021 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

The new year is coming. What's your wish? In addition to health and beauty, I think we must also want a more comfortable, not angry little day. Yes, it's hard to avoid bumpy days, but as long as you are good at life, you can always taste a different "taste" in "plain food".

Today, I'm going to dig out a new year's tea recipe with "eliminating the heat and invigorating the stomach" among the most ordinary "grains". If you cook a cup during the new year's festival, it will be regarded as a new year's "comfort" sent to you in advance.

Before the text begins, I would like to ask a digression: "why do you say that families love cats?" To be honest, I haven't had a cat myself, but I'm always attracted by the softness of this little creature, and I can't help but feel and hold it. Later, I want to understand that the unique "laziness and stretching" of cats is beyond our reach.

 I'd like to present you with a "comfortable, not angry" tea score~

Chinese New Year is coming. Everyone has been busy for a whole year in a tense state. Why not take advantage of the present to "stretch out a few" and let your mood "stretch" a little. OK, the text will start immediately. Is your tea set ready?

Medical records

Today's tea recipe is not made by me, nor is it made by decoction. It comes from the modern famous doctor Zhang Xichun's "medical heart, Chinese reference and Western records". Let's have a look at it

The protagonist of the story is a middle-aged woman, nearly 40 years old. She has no other problems, that is, she always feels "pain in the ribs". In the northeast, she is "angry with her ribs and Forks". Then she repeatedly seeks medical treatment. She has drunk countless herbs, but she has not been well for so many years. Now she even has a bad meal. After several twists and turns, he found the famous doctor Zhang Xichun and wanted to find a treatment.

Let's guess, how do famous doctors treat diseases? Anyway, I admire it after watching it.

In fact, this woman's pathogenesis is not difficult to find, I believe many readers have also guessed: it is the "liver depression and the spleen soil", she always likes to be angry, which is a typical manifestation of liver qi stagnation. After a long period of liver depression, the spleen will be restrained, and then the symptoms of anorexia and poor appetite will appear.

And the difficulty is how to treat it. Maybe you will say that Xiaoyao pills can be used. I guess this woman may have used this kind of Tonifying the spleen and soothing the liver in her many years of medical experience, but it was not completely cured. She was included in the medical record by Zhang Xichun.

With your thinking, let's talk about Zhang Xichun's treatment. He also believes that women are "liver Qi is not comfortable, stomach qi is not down" disease. But they did not use the products of Bupleurum and Atractylodes macrocephala to soothe the liver and invigorate the spleen



Raw 12 grams of malt to generate liver qi, 6 grams of chicken Neijin to lower stomach qi, and 30 grams of Huai yam to cultivate the Qi of Zang Fu organs, so as to prevent it from being damaged by ascending and descending.

In this way, the woman's symptoms disappeared completely after more than ten doses of tea.

A glass of "raw malt water" that we all lack

Every time the puzzle is opened, I have a feeling of "it's it, it's it.". I feel the same when I see the malt in the medical record. Yes, we all eat with malt. How can we ignore malt? Another prominent effect is "Soothing Liver Qi"! In fact, it is a "Xiaoyao Pill" which is used to soothe the liver and relieve depression, invigorate the spleen and stomach.

Don't worry, let's talk about this glass of "malt water" that we all lack. Who is it? How does it work?

 I'd like to present you with a "comfortable, not angry" tea score~

Malt is a kind of grain which is germinated and dried from the mature fruit of barley. The barley tea you have on hand is its "cousin", which is not sprouted barley.

Malt from the appearance, is barley grow a thin and short "tail". You don't think it's a common processing step like "sprouting", but it has the magic power of turning stone monkey into a saint. If you are careful, you can refer to the Pharmacopoeia. Traditional Chinese medicine generally uses mature fruits and seeds as medicine directly, because in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, seeds are the core of a plant's energy, which can be used directly as medicine to better play its internal efficacy.

It is rare to germinate the fruit first, then dry it and then use it as medicine. Malt is one of them. Therefore, we can not help but ask: "is it not fragrant to drink barley tea directly? Why use malt?"

"Everything sprouts in spring and grows gradually. Now it takes dry grain to send out its buds, which can reach the wood Qi to make spleen soil, so it can eliminate the accumulation of rice and millet. The malt, millet sprout and soybean yellow roll are similar in sex. But Mai Chunchang Xia Cheng, you Demu fire gas, where depression caused by swelling and other diseases, the best use. People, however, know that the valley is dispelling, and they do not know how to soothe the liver

——Reading of Shennong's classic of Materia Medica Volume IV

Chen Xiuyuan, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, told us that the barley after sprouting was like spa all over the body, and it was able to better dredge the stagnant liver qi and eliminate the accumulation of grain. In fact, in Zhang Xichun's medical record on the use of "raw malt", there are such records:

From the outside, a middle-aged woman in her thirties is soft and weak. She speaks in a low voice and shows "weak Qi". However, she also has the common faults of girls and loves to be angry. I guess this woman must be sulky like sister Lin. How does Zhang Xichun treat this situation? With only 30 grams of raw malt, fried soup to drink, the woman drank to feel the air flow smoothly.

In fact, this is not a cup of "comfort tea" that every girl lacks. When you are not happy, drink a cup of "malt water" and let it stretch for you, soothe the liver and regulate qi.

Fried malt water can be consumed

When you are too full and uncomfortable, you will think of big Hawthorn pill, Jianpi pill and jiaosanxian, and all of these drugs contain malt.

"Tiao Xie Lei Bian" thinks: "barley is cool and helps stomach qi. It is better for flour than wheat, but not hot and dry; Today people like wheat, but they don't care about barley.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" said malt: "digestion of all rice, flour and fruit products."

If raw malt can soothe the liver and regulate qi, fried malt is better at strengthening the spleen and eliminating food“ After eating these rice, flour, potato and taro foods, you may as well prepare a cup of "fried malt tea" for the family members, and use the "original soup" to dissolve the "original food" and restore the vitality of the spleen and stomach. Such a delicious tea soup makes the children not accumulate food and the big ones are healthier.

Malt can return to milk

Seeing this, I guess some readers will be rubbing their hands and preparing for a big fight. When relatives and friends come, they will present a cup of malt tea. The women can soothe the liver and the man will nourish the stomach. The children can also prevent food accumulation. It is good to drink and has connotation. Is this really the best choice?

 I'd like to present you with a "comfortable, not angry" tea score~

Don't worry. Before serving tea, you must make sure whether she is a lactating mother. Because malt is still a good medicine for "returning milk", lactating mothers need to pay more attention.

"De Pei Materia Medica": "salty, warm. Enter the foot Yang Mingjing. In addition to phlegm, the crux. Cure all the grain and fruit accumulation, cure the woman's milk secret carbuncle. "

"Diannan Materia Medica" said: "the treatment of women's milk does not receive, more than milk.".

The effect of malt on lactation was dose, small dose and large dose. When the dosage of raw malt or fried malt is more than 30g, it will have the effect of bromocriptine drugs (this medicine can treat hyperprolactinemia). Generally, mothers who need milk can take it with 120g raw malt or fried malt Decoction boiled water (or 60g raw and fried malt respectively).

Well, today's malt is coming to an end. I hope you can not only read the efficacy of "soothing liver qi and strengthening stomach qi" of malt, but also keep up with Zhang Xichun's steps and taste the ideas of famous doctors in treating diseases. In fact, there are many ways to solve any problem, as long as we think more and be good at discovering.

Hope for life, give yourself a good mood, let the world smile at you, we'll see you next time~