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How does damp heat cause skin pruritus unbearable to do? You can try this one!

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Publication time: 2021-01-28 09:05 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

When many people learn classical prescriptions, they will feel that most of the prescriptions are used to treat the "inside" symptoms of the human body, such as headache, diarrhea, chronic gastritis, blood stasis, Yang deficiency, etc. But in fact, the role of classical prescriptions is much more than that. If you are curious, you may as well take a look at what we have said today.

In our daily life, in addition to the common cold, rhinitis, constipation and other diseases, we are always suffering from some skin diseases, such as pruritus.

Pruritus is a kind of skin disease symptom which only has itching skin without primary skin damage. Pruritus often starts from one place and gradually extends to the whole body. It is often paroxysmal, especially at night. Severe cases show persistent itching with paroxysmal aggravation. Drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, emotional changes, spicy diet stimulation, mechanical scratching, warm bedding, and even some hints can promote the onset and aggravation of pruritus, causing great trouble to daily life.

 How does damp heat cause skin pruritus unbearable to do? You can try this one!

What should we do at this time? Let's introduce a prescription, ephedra forsythia and red bean soup 6 g ephedra, 9 g forsythia, 9 g almond, 30 g red bean, 12 jujube, 10 g mulberry peel, 6 g ginger, 6 g roasted licorice. This is from the "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" in a prescription, can treat damp heat and exterior syndrome, just as we said skin itching is very good.

In fact, Mahuang Lianqiao Chixiaodou decoction has a wide range of treatment. Clinically, skin diseases characterized by pruritus, blisters, erosion and exudation are common. Such as urticaria, acute eczema, erythroderma, seborrheic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, chickenpox, pityriasis rosea, viral herpes, allergic dermatitis, pruritus, body odor, etc. can be used for treatment, and the clinical effect is very good.

What is the specific application of this formula and what we need to master? You may as well read on.

Medical records (1)

Let's first talk about two medical records. The first is the medical case of Mr. Liu Duzhou. It is not appropriate to say that it is the medical case of Mr. Liu Duzhou, because there is also Professor Hao Wanshan in this medical case. Mr. Liu not only has high academic attainments, but also has been engaged in TCM education for more than 30 years, and has made great contributions to the cultivation of TCM talents. Professor Hao Wanshan, a famous master of classical prescriptions in Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, once worked with him, so you can know that this medical case must have weight.

On the eve of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, about April, Professor Hao and Mr. Liu Duzhou took some students and classmates to Funing County in Tangshan area to open up their schools. During this period, a classmate got urticaria, itching so much that he couldn't sleep all night, and had the symptoms of slight aversion to cold and white greasy tongue coating. At the beginning, the student looked for Professor Hao, who used the common medicine of cooling blood, drying dampness, dispelling wind and relieving itching. But after taking the medicine for three days, the young man still couldn't sleep all night and itched at night. Then the young man went to Professor Hao again and said, "teacher, it's still not good after taking three doses of your medicine."

It happened that Professor Hao and Mr. Liu were in the same room, so he asked Mr. Liu to have a look at it, and then there was the following dialogue.

Mr. Liu: "what pulse do you think this is?"

Professor Hao Wanshan said, "this young man is thin. You can feel this pulse with a gentle touch."

Liu said, "what pulse can be touched by touching it gently. Do you think it is a floating pulse?"

Professor Hao said: "teacher, he did not catch a cold, can you say he is floating pulse?"

Liu said, "if you don't get a cold, you don't have floating pulse? Where does this young man itch

Professor Hao said, "the skin itches."

Liu said, "is the skin the surface or the inside?"

Professor Hao said: "of course, the skin is a watch, not an inside."

Liu said: "since itchy skin is the surface, and the pulse is easy to get, of course, it is the exterior syndrome."

Professor Hao said, "teacher, is this a demonstration?"

"Yes," said Liu

Professor Hao said, "what should I do? It's time to sweat. "

"Yes," said Liu

Professor Hao said, "what formula is used?"

Liu said: "with ephedra Forsythia red bean soup."

Later, Liu asked the young man to take the medicine. He didn't need to take it during the day. Before going to bed every night, he drank more hot water after taking it, covered with a quilt and sweating for three days. After three days of sweating, the young man couldn't afford urticaria. Later, Professor Hao found that he had taken off a lot of scurf, and urticaria was cured.

Medical records (2)

You may have found some clues from the first medical record. Let's move on. Mr. Wang Zhongmin advocated the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, taking the advantages of Chinese and Western medicine. She is good at Gynecology, internal medicine and pediatrics. He has co authored medical works such as differentiation of juvenile medicine, brief introduction to the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and Research on classical prescriptions.

Medical record: Sun surnamed, male, 59 years old. He suffered from chronic bronchitis for 12 years. A few days ago, he suffered from a cold and had a persistent disease. He had fever, chills, no sweat and coughing. He had a headache and a heavy body. He could not breathe on his back. His chest was stuffy and short of breath. He coughed and spitted a lot. His color was yellowish. He was nauseous. He urinated unfavorably. His lower limbs were swollen. His tongue was red. His fur was yellow and greasy. His pulse was superficial.

The sound of the heart is light and far, and the rhythm is complete. The respiratory sounds were weakened and the breath was prolonged. Moist rales and wheezes were heard in the lung floor. The temperature was 38.7c. Assay: white blood cell 18200 / cm3, neutral 78%, lymph 16%, acid 29 / 5, mononuclear 4%. Chest X-ray: bilateral lung markings enhanced, mild emphysema.

The syndrome belongs to wind cold invading lung, dampness gathering into heat, and lung disharmony. To prepare Mahuang, forsythia and Chixiaodou soup: 9 grams of ephedra, 12 grams of forsythia, 15 grams of almond, roasted mulberry bark, sweet Tingli, 30 grams of adzuki beans, 6 grams of licorice and ginger, 24 grams of Shuanghua, and 10 grams of tangerine peel. Fried in water. Take it twice.

After 3 doses of the upper part of the body, the symptoms were relieved, the cough and vomiting were relieved, the patient was able to lie on his back, the sputum became less and less, the edema disappeared, the shortness of breath was obviously improved, and the body temperature dropped to normal. In front of the patient, 5 doses were added and the cough was relieved.

Analysis of damp heat and medical records

Does it feel that the span of these two medical records is a little large, which is actually my intention. If today's talk about Mahuang Forsythia Chixiaodou soup, only about the treatment of skin diseases, then you may not be too impressed. Perhaps after reading today's article, we only remember that Mahuang and Forsythia Chixiaodou soup can treat skin diseases. As for why, we don't know. But if you add the treatment of cough medical records, we will be more impressed.

 How does damp heat cause skin pruritus unbearable to do? You can try this one!

Before we analyze the medical records, we should know the basic theoretical knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

Damp heat damp heat, naturally divided into wet and hot. The so-called dampness, which is commonly known as water dampness, can be divided into external dampness and internal dampness. External dampness belongs to external evil, which is called dampness evil. It is caused by the invasion of external water and dampness due to the humid climate, water and rain or indoor humidity. Its pathogenicity has the characteristics of heavy turbidity, stickiness and downward tendency. Internal dampness is a pathological product related to dysfunction of viscera. Heat, is also a kind of evil, pathogenic with the characteristics of hot rising, known as the evil of fire and heat. Heat can also be produced due to dysfunction of viscera, called internal heat.

In fact, it is not a new thing to have damp heat in modern human body. It can be said that most of the human body has more or less some damp heat. There are four main reasons for this: feeling external pathogenic factors, improper diet, loss of spleen and stomach, emotional factors. This has been said before, the following will put a link, you can go to have a look.

The general manifestations of damp heat are as follows: The head and body are sleepy and heavy, and the fever is obvious in the afternoon, and the body heat is not raised (i.e. the skin does not feel very hot at the beginning of palpation, but it burns the hands after a long time), which is not alleviated by sweating; Tongue coating yellow greasy, pulse number.

The specific manifestations were different due to the different parts of damp heat: eczema or blisters were found in the skin and flesh; In the joint, the muscles and veins are swollen and painful locally. But the damp heat usually refers to the dampness and heat penetrating into the viscera, especially the spleen and stomach. It can be seen that the stomach is stuffy, the stomach is full, nausea and anorexia, the stool is loose, the urine is short and red, and the pulse is infiltrated; Other such as liver and gallbladder damp heat performance for liver distending pain, bitter mouth, poor appetite, or yellow body and eyes, or fever and fear of cold alternating, pulse string number; Bladder dampness and heat, frequent and urgent urination, less astringent and painful, yellow and turbid color; Large intestine dampness heat sees abdominal pain diarrhea, even inside urgent hind heavy, diarrhea purulent blood stool, anus burning, thirsty.

Well, we have a clear understanding of damp heat. Let's take a look at the medical records. In fact, the first medical case has been very clear through the dialogue. At the beginning, we said that Mahuang Lianqiao Chixiaodou decoction can treat damp heat and exterior syndrome. After finishing damp heat, what is exterior syndrome? That's what we're talking about Fear of cold, fever, headache, body pain, nasal congestion, sweating, pulse floating, etc., including some manifestations on the skin.

At this time, some people will say that we will not know the pulse and can't distinguish the floating pulse. What should we do?

Here we will use a sentence to summarize this medical case: skin itching syndrome, who see evil cold, pulse floating, greasy tongue coating, can consider using this prescription. How can we understand this? It does not mean that we will be bound by these symptoms. We know what the symptoms of exterior syndrome are, and what are the symptoms of dampness and heat. The combination of the two is the indication of Mahuang, forsythia and Chixiaodou decoction.

You see, the second medical record of chronic bronchitis can also understand. You can see that the second medical record "cough and spit is too much and sticky, the color is yellowish,..., the tongue is red, and the fur is yellow and greasy". This is the performance of damp heat. Then this person is due to the recurrence of chronic diseases caused by cold, so the exterior syndrome is added with damp heat, and Mahuang forsythia and red bean soup is more suitable.

 How does damp heat cause skin pruritus unbearable to do? You can try this one!

02 look at Mahuang, forsythia and red bean soup

Well, the medical record is finished. It's time to go to the section of the article. Many people are afraid to read the provisions and find it difficult to understand. But today, this is very simple, with a sentence: "typhoid fever, blood stasis and heat inside, the body will be yellow, ephedra, forsythia, red bean soup is the main one."

It looks simple, but you've been fooled Because there are a lot of things in it. First of all, we just talked about a lot of exterior syndrome and damp heat. Are they independent and unrelated?

The answer is No. Dampness and heat are inside, which is a problem. Exogenous factors also show evil. There is a connection between exterior evil and damp heat. The two are related. Because of the incomprehension of the exterior, the internal depression of damp heat is bound to affect the expression. Therefore, the treatment should be carried out in two ways, instead of fighting alone.

be careful

For example, if we stop treating damp heat at this time, we will focus on exterior syndrome, which will stop the treatment of damp heat, which may lead to the development of the disease of damp heat, and finally the appearance of jaundice. But if we don't care about the exterior syndrome, we think "we must first settle the interior" and solve the problem of dampness and heat. The drugs for clearing dampness and heat can easily make the body's healthy qi tend to the body, which will easily lead to the entrapment of exterior evil, so it is not feasible.

Therefore, the treatment should be Mahuang Forsythia Chixiaodou decoction, in the external dissemination of evil, in the clear heat and dampness. Not only will not interrupt the treatment of damp heat, but also can relieve exterior evil, so as to make the disease disappear.

03 drug analysis and precautions

Well, let's look at the composition of the drug.

This prescription is said to be ephedra forsythia and red bean soup, but actually the forsythia here should be lianyao, which is the root of forsythia. Forsythia can be bought in today's drug Bureau, but lianyao can't. So what is the characteristic of Forsythia? It can squeeze the heat of blood out of the surface. When forsythia and ephedra fight together, the effect will be enhanced.

There is also a taste of Zibai PI in this prescription. This medicine is the bark of catalpa tree. It is bitter and cold. It can clear away heat and dampness and clear away heat and evil. We can't buy it today. We all use mulberry peel. If we use mulberry white bark, we should not use too much. If we take too much of this medicine, we will vomit.

This soup is basically a Mahuang soup base, but it is not as extreme as Mahuang soup, so there are ginger and dates. More jujube and less ginger, more blood. This ginger is a little bit less, and it basically has the structure of regulating Ying Wei, so it is still a trend of surface dissolving agent. Red bean is a good medicine. It can get rid of dampness and heat. Mr. Liu Duzhou often uses Chixiaodou to remove dampness and heat. For example, if there is arthritis with dampness and heat, it will be good to use peony licorice soup or Danggui Chixiaodou Decoction with some other drugs.

 How does damp heat cause skin pruritus unbearable to do? You can try this one!

This article talks about here, I believe you should know Mahuang Forsythia red bean soup in the end can treat what disease. Can you remember that it can treat all kinds of skin diseases caused by damp heat? tolerable! Because of the different situations, some people think that this knowledge point in the whole article is useful, so remember this, but also remember what the principle is, otherwise it may make a joke.

Of course, can allergic rhinitis be treated? It is also possible, the premise is damp heat plus exterior syndrome. There are nephritis, edema, asthma, body odor and other diseases, as long as it is in line with damp heat and exterior syndrome, then we can have a try. However, it's better to start with a small dose to see if there are side effects on yourself.

04 damp heat regimen

In fact, damp heat has become the number one enemy in people's life. We must face it squarely. There are many bad habits in life that can lead to damp heat, so we should put an end to it.

1. Diet: eat less sweets, sweet drinks, pungent and stimulating drugs, eat less and drink less. Among all the food, the most hot and humid nature is wine. Eat less fat, sweet and thick taste, diet to light Qushi. Another special message is to give up smoking and drinking. If some people are not willing to give up this way of life, they have to bear the consequences. As the saying goes, "illness is born in one's own family.". Recommended foods for removing dampness: Mung bean, white gourd, loofah, adzuki bean, watermelon, green tea, scented tea.

2. Life: taboo stay up late, stay up late will increase damp heat. Because stay up late hurt liver and gallbladder, can affect the rise of liver and gallbladder Qi, easy to generate damp heat. In addition, try to avoid working or living in a humid environment. For example, if you have phlegm dampness constitution, try not to buy a lower floor when you buy a house, otherwise if the house is dark and humid, it will aggravate the dampness and heat constitution.

3. Simple prescription: dampness and heat constitution is a transitional constitution, and few people get old age or have a constitution based on dampness and heat constitution. Because the damp heat constitution is often very uncomfortable, there will be skin itching, inflammation, skin infection, urinary tract infection, etc., it will make people very uncomfortable, uncomfortable will prompt people to take medicine, such as heat and poison, cold and cool products. Therefore, the constitution of dampness and heat basically differentiates in old age. It is likely that if you take more diuretic and antipyretic drugs, many people will become Yin deficiency constitution; If Yang Qi is injured, it will gradually become Qi deficiency and yang deficiency or phlegm dampness constitution. Therefore, damp heat constitution is more common in young adults. In old age, although there are still damp heat constitution factors in it, but it is not the most important.

Generally speaking, drugs to damp heat are not peaceful and can not be taken for a long time.

The commonly used drugs to remove dampness and heat are: Huoxiang, plantain, Phyllostachys pubescens, talc, Xihuangcao, Jigucao, kapok and so on. These are cold and can not be taken for a long time. You can soak your feet properly.

Chinese patent medicines include: Ganlu Xiaodu Dan, Juntai oral liquid, Qingre Qushi granule, Xihuangcao granule, etc., which can not be taken for a long time. If the damp heat has gone, the tongue coating is not so yellow and greasy, the urine has become clear, and the inflammation is not obvious, it should be stopped immediately and can not be taken for a long time.

For example, when there is damp heat, there are inflammation, throat, urine, muscle soreness and other symptoms. When the internal heat is very heavy, you can take some to adjust your constitution, but you can't take it for a long time. If you don't have internal heat, you can't take it. There are still some toxicity of these drugs.

Well, the above is Mahuang Forsythia red bean soup related content, if you have any questions, welcome to leave a message in the comments area.