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Suddenly "face" of the parents, is not menopause?

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Time of publication: 2021-01-15 09:03 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

A while ago, when chatting with my friends, I chatted about many interesting things about school. I repeated the simple and childish confrontation between us and our teachers and parents during the rebellious period. At that time, when we talked about it in private, we said the most common sentence: "it's a new year for us to be so angry!"

When it comes to menopause, one's first reaction is probably that the irascible mother urges you to get up every morning. Even if you want to lie in at the weekend, it's a luxury. If you want to stay on the sofa and watch TV for a while after dinner, you may receive a sentence: "you know to lie down every day when you go home. Besides eating or sleeping, you don't know how to do some work for your family."

 Suddenly "face" of the parents, is not menopause?

See this friend is not feel the same, it turns out that we are all in the same world, have the same parents.

It is said that menopause is a stage that every woman has to go through. With the growth of age, the level of estrogen changes, leading to menopause.

But what many people don't know is that men actually have menopause. Today, Populus euphratica will give you a brief introduction.

Male menopause refers to a specific period of male transition from middle age to old age, which is based on the changes of hormone level, biochemical environment and psychological state in men.

"Su Wen · ancient innocence theory" mentioned: "women seven seven, Ren pulse Xu, Taichong pulse less, days GUI exhausted, tunnel, so bad shape and no children. Husband seven or eight, liver Qi failure, muscle inactivity, days Kui exhausted, less essence, kidney storage failure, body is extremely

At the age of 49, the Qi and blood of Ren pulse was weak, and the Qi and blood of Taichong pulse also declined. Tiangui dried up and menstruation was cut off, so she became old and lost her fertility. When a man reaches the age of 56, his liver Qi is weak, his muscles can't move freely, Tiangui is exhausted, his essence is less, and his kidney is failing. Therefore, his body is aging and showing fatigue.

This is only a general range, not completely according to the standard age, everyone's physical conditions are not the same, the situation is not the same.

Male menopause is actually caused by a number of factors: in addition to Age Factors, work and life pressure Bad lifestyle such as smoking and drinking May cause menopause in advance or appear obvious signs.

 Suddenly "face" of the parents, is not menopause?

According to the clinical data, men are generally between 50 and 60 years old, and the functions of various organs of the body will change significantly. However, due to the slow decline of male androgen level and the mild symptoms of menopause, most people do not feel much.

The clinical manifestations of male menopause are similar to those of women, but not all men have clinical symptoms during menopause.

1. Physiological aspect

With the increase of age, the skin wrinkles, muscles begin to become loose, energy and physical strength decline, often feel the waist is sour, legs are soft, tired and weak, the lack of exercise men may have "beer belly" at this time; Also accompanied by loss of appetite, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, poor sleep quality, palpitations, dizziness, tinnitus, decreased sexual desire and so on.

 Suddenly "face" of the parents, is not menopause?

2. Psychological aspect

Attention is difficult to concentrate, memory loss, irritability, impatience, or become anxious, depressed, suspicious, lose enthusiasm for life.

Menopause is actually a special period in life. It is a turning point from prosperity to decline. In this period, they need more respect, understanding and company from their families.

So what Euphorbia euphratica recommends to you today is a cashew nut walnut beef soup that can nourish the five internal organs, nourish the mind and calm the mind. It can be used for both men and women Relieve the irritability caused by menopause

Cashew nut and walnut meat soup

Ingredients: cashew nut 50g

Walnut 100g
Beef 250g


1. Wash the beef and cut into small pieces;

2. Wash walnuts and cashew nuts;

3. First blanch the beef in water;

4. Then put all the ingredients into the pot and add appropriate amount of water;

5. Bring to a boil over high heat and simmer for 2 hours until the beef is cooked;

6. Finally, season with salt and sprinkle with scallion.

# cashew

Sweet taste, flat nature, into the spleen, stomach, kidney meridian, can nourish and moisten the five viscera, calm nerves, strengthen the body. "Supplement food Secretary" mentioned cashew can: "brain Nourishing Qi, kidney and spleen It is suitable for kidney deficiency, soreness and weakness of waist and knee. "Materia medica pick up" said: "cashew nuts are mainly used to treat thirst, moisten the lung, remove vexation and remove phlegm." So eating cashew nuts can improve the body's disease resistance, and can also tonify the kidney and strengthen the body, However, the fat content of cashew nuts is high, so the single consumption should be noted.

# Walnut kernel

It is sweet in taste and flat in nature. It enters the lung, kidney and large intestine meridians. It can nourish the kidney, strengthen the waist, warm the lung, calm asthma, moisten the intestines and relieve constipation "Ben Cao Qiu Zhen" records that walnut "can pass the fire of life" and "warm up the gate of life" The gate of life is located in the kidney. If the gate of life is full of fire, the Yang will be strong, so it can relieve kidney deficiency.

# beef

In ancient times, it can tonify Qi, strengthen muscles and bones, dissipate phlegm and calm wind, and quench thirst and saliva "Beef Invigorating Qi is the same as Astragalus membranaceus" In other words, it is a good product for tonifying the spleen and stomach. It can also enhance immunity, supplement physical strength and improve the disease resistance of the body.

Generally speaking, menopause is a "ridge", in fact, this "ridge" is not sad.

If you want to cross the threshold, you should keep an optimistic attitude!

We always emphasize that emotion has a great influence on the state of the body. We all know that emotion is controlled by the brain. In traditional Chinese medicine, the brain is the "sea of marrow", and the kidney governs the bone to produce marrow, so the root of the brain lies in the kidney, Emotion can affect the Qi mechanism of Zang Fu organs, which will lead to disorder of Qi and blood function of Zang Fu organs and lead to diseases.

Keep a positive and optimistic attitude, learn to self regulate emotions, or develop new hobbies to divert attention.

Second is to control the diet!

After entering menopause, the digestive function of spleen and stomach will be weakened, so it is necessary to Eat less stimulating foods, which are likely to aggravate irritability Therefore, in the case of maintaining comprehensive nutrition, eat more food rich in high-quality protein, amino acids and vitamin C, and properly eat some mutton, beef, leek and other food materials that can nourish kidney yang.

Finally, develop a good lifestyle!

Adjust work and rest time to ensure adequate sleep; Improve the bad habits of overeating, smoking and drinking; Strengthen exercise, adhere to do some activities that can move the muscles and joints of the whole body.

it is to be noted that The intensity of exercise should not be too high You can choose to jog or walk in the shade of a tree, or do Taijiquan, Baduanjin and other health-care exercises until you sweat a little, feel relaxed and feel comfortable.

There is a column on the Internet called "when your parents are in menopause", netizens have responded to the message below, spitting out that parents' moodiness makes people collapse.

In fact, menopausal parents are more broken than you. They not only have to endure physical discomfort, but also bear the pressure of work and life.

At this time, they need more family care than usual, so in the face of this situation, please do not escape, learn to understand and patiently help them to relax and express their boredom.

If you are in the menopause, do not worry, because this is the only way of life, optimistic to face it, calm to accept it, actively to deal with it, give yourself a big hug, menopause is actually not so terrible~