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If you eat more, how can you sleep well?

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Time of publication: 09:05, January 12, 2021 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

2020 is so extraordinary from beginning to end.

The relay race against the epidemic situation has been running for a whole year. It's quite like you're singing and I'm on the stage. Shenyang has also become a contestant. The local people have begun to live a "family style" life day after day. It seems that all of us suddenly get out of the fast-paced life and live a "smile, lead the children, often go home and have a look".

I thought it was a rare "healthy way" to wake up naturally and eat home cooked food, but I didn't expect that my mother was the first one who didn't adapt to it.

At home, sleep is not sweet

A few days ago, I found my mother was always dozing off when she was sitting in the living room watching TV. I asked her, "would you like to go back to the room and sleep for a while? Didn't you sleep well at night

"It's true that these days, the new coronavirus makes trouble. I circle around at home every day, I can't go out to exercise, and I sleep worse and worse at night... Now I'm tired of getting up in the morning."


I know that there is no amount of exercise will not directly lead to insomnia, the internal reason is actually a long time at home, eat more things, exercise continues to reduce, stomach "revolution", there is a "stomach disharmony lie restless" problem.

In the old people's opinion, it's just a little sick, so I didn't say. But I know that the smaller the problem, the earlier it should be dealt with. Fortunately, there is no lack of Chinese medicine at home, I also directly boiled two bowls of "rice soup medicine".

 If you eat more, how can you sleep well?

After frying a pair of medicine, I weighed two more and put them in the kitchen, thinking that it would take two or three days to drink. But unexpectedly, the next day my mother got up later than I did. The first word she said to me after I got up was: "it's sunny today. I'll go downstairs and throw rubbish later."

I know, this must be a night of sleep, refreshing, my heart will be put down. Now I'm going to talk about this rice soup medicine that makes me "unexpected".

Banxia Shumi Decoction

It is the Banxia Shumi decoction from Huangdi Neijing. It is composed of only two kinds of drugs, which can be regarded as the representative prescription for the treatment of "eye not gloomy"《 Huangdi Neijing defines it as "lying over the cup" for treating new diseases and "three drinks" for treating chronic diseases, which can be described as simple and effective medicine.

"Lingshu · Xie Ke" contains Banxia Shumi Decoction in the treatment of insomnia: "boiling rice 1 liter, treatment of Pinellia five in, Xu cook, make exhaustion to a liter and a half, to its dregs, drink a small cup of juice, three days, a little benefit, to know the degree. Therefore, the new onset of the disease, the cup is lying

Composition: 10 grams of Pinellia ternata and 20 grams of sorghum.

That is to say, this prescription is only composed of sorghum and Pinellia ternata, which are neither sedative nor have the power of digestion. It is an insomnia prescription for treating "stomach disharmony leads to restlessness". It is actually an extraordinary effect in the ordinary. Next, let's explore what rice sorghum is? What's the effect of Pinellia ternata?


"Book of rites · Yueling": "born in May and half of summer, so it is named".

Pinellia ternate is warm in nature and pungent in taste. It returns to the spleen, stomach and lung channels. It has the effect of eliminating dampness and resolving phlegm, reducing adverse and stopping vomiting, eliminating swelling and relieving pain for external use. Pinellia ternate can fall, can disperse, can be more harmonious, not only can be dry, but also can run. Pinellia ternata can be used for asthma, dizziness, vomiting, chest obstruction, accumulation, Meihe Qi, phlegm retention, mania, epilepsy, fever of unknown origin, phlegm nucleus, etc.

Although it has many effects, it is also a traditional Chinese medicine which is often considered "toxic", which makes people "love deeply and hate deeply". Here I must correct the sound for Banxia《 The processed products of Pinellia ternata included in Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China (2015 Edition) are: Rhizoma Pinelliae, Rhizoma Pinelliae Franch and Pinellia ternata, all non-toxic.

But the effect is slightly different, we can make a dialectical choice: ginger Pinellia is better at reducing adverse reactions and stopping vomiting; Pinellia ternata is longer than dryness and dampness, and its temperature is weak; Pinellia ternata is good at drying dampness and resolving phlegm, and has the function of harmonizing spleen and stomach.


Shu (sh ú) Rice, as soon as you hear it, is the ancient name. What kind of rice is it? It's definitely worth exploring.

Banxia Shumi soup is not well known to all, I think one of the reasons is that this controversial Shu MI. Shu rice is a kind of rice, it did not appear in the Pharmacopoeia of later generations, so there is a certain degree of difficulty in its textual research. We can only find clues from the "rice, millet, millet, wheat, Shu" which are cultivated by five grains.

The Tang materia medica: "there is Ji in the materia medica, but it does not contain it. Ji is also called" Dan ". Today, the people of Chu called it Jiji, and Guanzhong called it MI. Its rice was yellow rice, similar to millet. " In other words, millet is the same kind of different kinds of grain. Sticky is called millet, also known as yellow rice, cohesionless is millet, and we are looking for "millet" should belong to a category of "millet".

According to the Great Dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine, Shumi was published as a record of famous doctors. Also known as millet, glutinous sorghum, glutinous millet, yellow rice.

(Xinhua Dictionary) Shu: sticky sorghum can be used for cooking wine.

So far, we have found four answers: millet, glutinous rice and sticky sorghum rice, and millet, which has been left in the long history due to the progress of farming technology. And who is closer to Shu Mi? And I prefer to know what kind of role "Shu rice" plays in this square, in order to choose which kind of rice more accurately.

This prescription is only composed of Pinellia ternata and sorghum rice, and Pinellia ternata is also warm and dry. It is expected that adding grains to this prescription will restrict the dryness of Pinellia and protect the stomach qi. It is similar to "Japonica Rice in Baihu Decoction". It is also the same idea as Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in modern times, recorded in "medical heart in reference to the West record" that "the juice of sorghum rice is thick and smooth, so as to reconcile the pungent and fierce nature of Pinellia."

Want to understand the meaning of compatibility, Shu rice is not difficult to choose. In fact, I think that the sorghum rice represents a kind of rice which is cool in nature and sticky in taste. It can be used to protect the spleen and stomach qi. It can be sorghum rice or glutinous rice. Wu Jutong even replaced it with "coix seed".

 If you eat more, how can you sleep well?

Today, the rice I use is from the meaning of Zhang Xichun, choosing "sorghum rice". In fact, our generation is a little strange to sorghum rice. After all, this rice has a slightly coarse taste, which is not very pleasant. However, in an era of relative scarcity of material life, sorghum rice still plays an irreplaceable role. I remember that Dr. Luo once said that sticky sorghum rice (slightly red) can treat diarrhea due to spleen deficiency. In the past, old Chinese medicine often introduced this rice into prescriptions.

Zhang Xichun and Banxia Shumi Decoction

Now that I have said this, I can't help but think of Zhang Xichun's ingenious application of this prescription, and also provide you with an idea of dialectical application:

Zhang Xichun had an apprentice named Gao Rubi. He was 42 years old. He had not had a good sleep for four months. He had used many prescriptions, but his pain was unbearable. Zhang Xichun's apprentice can not cure, so began to ask the teacher's father.

"Ask cure method in stupid, tell with Banxia Shumi soup." Zhang Xichun told such as Bi, the treatment of this person can use Banxia Shumi decoction.

And no one will get sick according to the book. The patient with the surname Liu not only has insomnia, but also has the problem of chest tightness. If you blindly use sticky grain in the prescription, it is afraid that it will aggravate the feeling of depression. What should we do? You can't ask the teacher everything. Guess what Ruby will do next?

As the old saying goes, a famous teacher is a good student. If you learn from a famous teacher, your medical skills will not be bad. He then changed the classic prescription. He took a small half kilogram (120g) of fresh white radish, cut it into shreds, boiled two cups of radish water, and then boiled 12 grams of clear Banxia with this radish water, and let the patient take it. Unexpectedly, at 8 o'clock that night, the patient with the surname Liu could sleep peacefully and take several doses of it, which cured the symptoms of stuffiness in the heart at the same time.

Sorghum into radish water, this is the charm of Chinese medicine speculation!

Yang does not enter Yin, Ying Wei does not match

We have finished the story. Do you want to understand the truth in the story? What effect has Banxia Shumi Decoction played in the body to achieve the purpose of treating insomnia?

Huangdi Neijing is the root of the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine. There are only 13 prescriptions in the book. Today's Banxia Shumi decoction is one of them《 "Insomnia" points out: "Yang Qi automatically and static, then sleep; When Yin Qi moves from stillness to stillness, it will become clear; Insomnia, disease in Yang not Yin. Therefore, Banxia decoction was used for treatment. In order to get rid of the sprouts of Jue, yin and yang can be adjusted to sleep

That is to say, when Yang Qi enters and Wei Qi returns to camp, we will feel sleepy and want to sleep. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the reason for "not wanting to sleep" lies in the hyperactivity of "Yang Qi". So what causes Yang Qi hyperactivity? If we modern people answer this question, there will be many answers, such as the pressure of work and study, the impact of mobile phone electronic products, rich night life, etc. but if we translate the scene to the time when the canon of internal medicine was written, the reason is much simpler, because the most important factor affecting them is "diet".

If you eat less and you are too hungry to sleep, eat more. What should I do if I eat too much and I can't sleep? This is the dose of "Banxia Shumi soup". In fact, this understanding seems simple, but in line with the theory of prescription compatibility, this prescription is only composed of Pinellia and sorghum. Pinellia is good at treating the disease of spleen deficiency and dampness, which is the core of the disease after "eating more"《 The explanation of this prescription in the canon of internal medicine is: "fill up its deficiency, reduce its surplus, adjust its deficiency and excess, so as to open its way and remove its evil."

The remedy here is "Spleen Deficiency", and the diarrhea should be "phlegm dampness". Therefore, in my opinion, the insomnia treated by this prescription belongs to insomnia caused by people with spleen deficiency who eat too much. This kind of people: their tongue is fat, and their defecation is often irregular or even not shaped. They usually like to eat staple food and meat, while vegetables and fruits are few, and poor sleep quality is the key, It's the insomnia symptoms that make you uncomfortable after waking up.

Well, today's article is coming to an end. Finally, I would like to ask you a question: since this kind of insomnia is caused by accumulated food, can we treat it with such anti eating drugs as Baohe Pill and Jianpi pill?

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