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Don't retreat from the original mind, Buddha's life -- Chen Nongfu

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Time of publication: 10:59, June 30, 2018 Author: Chen Nongfu Source: Official Website of Chen Nongfu's medicated diet website: http://game5173.cn

The highest realm of traditional Chinese medicine is health preservation, and the highest realm of health preservation is nourishing the heart. It's easy to keep your nature. Buddhism and Taoism are on the top of the great medicine. Only when you untie your own knot, can you know that the great will power is very strong. Both Buddhism and traditional Chinese medicine are an indispensable part of Chinese traditional culture.

The Buddha said in the Huayan Sutra: "when a Bodhisattva starts his mind, he becomes the supreme and equal right consciousness." One year after learning Buddhism, the Buddha is in front of you; After studying Buddhism for two years, the Buddha was in the hall; Three years of learning Buddhism, the Buddha is in the West. I firmly believe that if you practice the first thought and practice the first sincerity all your life, you will become a Buddha. In a lifetime, as long as you insist on doing one thing, it will be effective.

For life, I choose: to make the highest wish, to get the middle fate, to enjoy the lower blessing; Choose high to stand, find a flat place to live, to wide travel.

It's my honor that there are always people who show great interest in me. They ask me why I studied medicine, whether my family background is a family of traditional Chinese medicine, which medical university I studied in, and whether the secret recipe for treating difficult and miscellaneous diseases is ancestral... And so on. As many people ask me, I reply less. Of course, it's not that I avoid or avoid them, but I think these issues are too unimportant. Today, I felt a sudden feeling, so I hit the keyboard and write about my plain experience. I hope I can satisfy your curiosity.

My ancestral home is Anhui, was born in 1976, is anqing Susong people. The surname is Chen, and the name is Liangfeng. If you take a word for yourself, you can call me "Nongfu". I know that I'm just an ordinary person. I'm a real country boy. I like the farmer's simplicity, simplicity, happiness, diligence, enthusiasm... Although I made a first-class wish, I'll never forget that I'm just a farmer, and farmer's life is what I pursue.

Speaking of the reason why I started my career as a doctor, I should be like most people's thinking. Compared with other professions, doctors can provide timely help and help the wounded. Doctors have a promising career and a high social status. According to traditional ideas, doctors are more popular as they get older. As long as they have good skills, everyone is in favor of becoming a doctor. Another reason is that I was weak and sickly since I was young. Learning medicine is good for my own health care. So it opened the way for seven years to study traditional Chinese medicine

After graduation, I went to work in the hospital. When I was a doctor, I had the deepest impression and the most sense of achievement was to give children injections. Other injection, the child will always cry, I give the child injection, can coax the child happy.

01 start

Rural people are economically poor, and many people can't afford to be ill. There was a catchword back then, Small disease drag, serious disease carry, carry long see the king of hell Therefore, I always ask people to pay for medical treatment. If they owe me a long time, they will be exempted. Some of them will be treated free of charge. Later, I will "rob the rich and help the poor" if I can't support it. In 1996 and 1997, after all, the rich were in the minority. "There were more monks and less clergymen." later, there was no way to do it. The money owed to the pharmaceutical companies by their relationship helped to subsidize the patients. When they had no money to pay back to the pharmaceutical companies, the pharmaceutical companies urged money.

If they didn't get sick, I thought to myself: if only they didn't get sick.

When I was studying, I was taught that a doctor's parents' heart should be benevolent and benevolent. To cure the disease is to gain Tao. Doctors are only means to cure diseases. The key point is to popularize health care knowledge so that people can understand prevention. However, propaganda and education are just like going to heaven, which is enough to deter all those who have ideas.

        In the 1990s, people in rural areas did not dare to go to hospitals because they were afraid of spending too much money. Chinese medicine is not good to drink. At that time, especially children, were afraid of taking medicine and injection. When children drink traditional Chinese medicine, they are all It's got legs, nose, mouth It's very painful to cry while drinking.

At that time, children were afraid of two things I'm afraid of taking medicine Because the injection is painful and the medicine is bitter; Fear of Teachers At that time, teachers used to hit students with a ruler. Through diet adjustment, children are less sick. On rainy days, they skip classes without permission. They go to the mountains to pick up mushrooms and give them to me. They say that I won't let them get sick. That is because of this sentence, from now on more firm me Don't let people get sick The idea of prevention.

02 Epiphany

At that time, I didn't know how to do mass prevention, so I wanted to make more money and go back to help them (patients). When I arrived at the coastal area, I saw the horror of many patients in the hospital. It seemed that the disease broke out overnight, and all the patients lived in the corridor! The expansion speed of the hospital is soaring! I realized that the spread of the disease is nationwide, not just in my hometown.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not good to drink and its effect is slow, which leads to the prevalence of Western medicine. However, I know very well that the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is not slow. The reason for this bias is that Quack doctors are not good at medicine Western medicine can not solve the problem of human health, and even promote the spread of chronic diseases and major diseases.

I was born in traditional Chinese medicine, the love of Chinese medicine culture penetrated into the bone, thousands of years of Chinese traditional culture infiltrated and nurtured the precious tree of traditional Chinese medicine. One medicine and one method can achieve the beauty of nature. The traditional Chinese medicine takes the natural method, takes twice the result with half the effort, the simplest, the most effective, and the least harm to the human body as the ultimate demand, which is the realm that western medicine can not achieve.

Traditional Chinese medicine is Tao and Western medicine is skill. Art can only save the emergency, but can not settle down.

03 selflessness

Huangdi Neijing "In ancient times, those who knew it were based on Yin and Yang, harmony with numerology, proper diet, regular daily life, and no reckless labor. Therefore, they were able to form with the gods and spend their whole life in the end of their lives and go to their centenarians."

        After 1998, 80% of the diseases were caused by eating, that is, excessive condiments, heavy taste, improper diet or biased diet. The times are getting better and better, the society is getting richer and richer, the country is becoming stronger and stronger, and the living standard is getting higher and higher. Because of prejudice, eating disease, having money seems to be the best way to eat and drink well. There are many phenomena of overeating. The social rhythm is fast. People who go to work like to eat takeaway, while people who make food like to put additives. High sugar, high salt, taste of all kinds of conditioning, for the body, are drugs.

Since the disease is eaten, as long as we solve the problem of people eating, we can control the incidence of disease. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a discipline that emphasizes prevention but ignores treatment. It has been passed down for 5000 years in China and is recognized by most people. Because the Chinese medicine is difficult to drink, it has been neglected, especially after the impact of Western medicine. It seems that I have found the direction of public prevention. In 1998, when I made millions, I set up a research institute without hesitation and put it into the research and development of medicated food. The purpose is to overcome the problem of "good medicine turns good medicine into delicious medicine" and bring traditional Chinese medicine to people's table.

Do not know how to do research and development, can only crazy recruit medical experts, professors, put their hope on them. But the fact is not what I thought in my heart, maybe my idea is too naive. In 1998, spending millions of dollars on research and development ended in vain. More than 100 experts and professors invited did not“ Food helps medicine ”The idea of "good medicine tastes good" does not think that herbal food can surpass or replace medicine!

Since I was a child, I was stubborn, and I would not give up a thing with direction. They all said that I was too naive, experts and professors finally left me.

        In 2000, I began to visit all parts of the country. After three years, I collected 6136 palace secret prescriptions and folk tested prescriptions. Based on the ancestral formula, I summarized the previous pharmaceutical experience and completed the book "Chinese food road herbal diet formula".

No one agrees with my R & D philosophy, so I work in the daytime and do R & D at night. In 2010, we encountered great difficulties again“ be besieged on all sides ”Think back to 2000 when people treated me“ crazy ”Some entrepreneurs also advised me not to dream. They joked that "you are a naughty boy and a pauper talking about dreams. To do business is to make money, and not to make money is a crime." Since then, my dream is only in my heart, no longer talking about dreams with anyone, working year after year to earn money to do research and development. For 17 years, the average sleep is only 2-3 hours a day, which is unimaginable in many people's minds. At the age of 34, I was afraid that I would kill myself. In order to save the bus fare and buy some fruit for my wife and children, I went home on foot for 5 hours every night after work. I overcame the difficulties in 2014.

Research and development is inseparable from experiments. Traditional Chinese medicine experiments do not engage in western medicine mice. It is not moral to graft risks onto others. It is necessary for someone to verify the prescription of medicated diet. It's hard and happy to engage in research and development. Once, when I developed a prescription for regulating kidney stones, I tried to find a way to make myself grow stones and then expel them smoothly. This joy was like discovering a new continent.

What makes me happy is that God's favor, 17 years time let me Overcome the problem of bitter and slow traditional Chinese Medicine A key step on the road of dreams.

04 first thought

No matter how high the medical skills are, the pace of the medical team can not keep up with the growth of disease data. If treatment is surgery, then prevention is Tao. Only by prevention can we give consideration to the sufferings of the people in the world. Lu Xun abandoned medicine and followed literature, hoping to change the thinking of the people. It's better to treat people than mind. If people want to be healthy, they should first be mentally healthy. Today, I abandon medicine for prevention. The purpose is to arouse people's awareness of prevention and reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases and major diseases. Chinese medicine civilization has been shelved for a long time. Its concept can cure impetuousness, hyperactivity, anxiety and conceit... Chinese medicine can first provide a life value that is conducive to physical and mental health.

      After 1998, I founded the Chinese food road and the medical forest food brand, and positioned the enterprise as the technical culture type. My original intention is to make people not sick, not to make money, not to make the country difficult to make money, so my company does not have any foreign experts and professors on temporary posts, nor do some experts and professors like other companies to set off the image! I'm determined not to do that. I really do dream. I will never waver in my life. Who will believe it or not, I disdain celebrities and certificates to package the image, firmly do a good reputation When I was a child, doctors relied on word-of-mouth, but now doctors rely on word-of-mouth. I personally still recognize word-of-mouth.

I know clearly that propaganda and education can't rely on my own efforts, so I invited people with similar interests to help the inheritance and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine, build the Chinese dream together, and realize the healthy 2030. Over the past four years, the team has recruited more than 200 franchisees across the country. The concept and practice of the same source of medicine and food and the same function of medicine and food have helped many people recover their health. However, there is a long way to go. I will go up and down to seek for solutions. The propaganda and education of national awareness of prevention is not overnight. Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

When I train franchisees, I don't emphasize theoretical knowledge, marketing means and sales skills. I hope that they will learn to be human. When the level of Tao is clear, the art will follow. A person, from the heart of goodwill, his words and deeds do not need to be trained. If you care for your customers sincerely, your aura will become gentle and compatible, and others will naturally believe you. People engaged in prevention should first make a wish (to keep others from getting sick) and spread this idea to others.

All marketing methods can only return to technology and word-of-mouth. Now the health care market is full of good and bad people, and traditional Chinese medicine has a lot of black pot. If others believe in you, they will believe in your products. Choose not to cheat people, help people with heart. In talking with customers, if you face them with a helping attitude, you will find that it is a different state of mind. Those who do good and promote good are rewarded by heaven.

Every franchise store will become a century old store, because we do not cheat people, and we really have core technology. If we do not cheat people, we can do it for a lifetime, and we can inherit it. What we are engaged in is a cause that wins the hearts of the people and is a foundation industry that benefits the world and benefits the descendants.

Long term contact with patients, experience too many joys and sorrows, so that all people's desire for health and safety is stronger and stronger. It is better not to get sick all your life. I put forward the implementation of catering medicine and enrollment training, Committed to food medicine instead of traditional Chinese medicine, kitchen instead of pharmacy , so that health can be implemented in every household. For a long time, people always think that it is difficult to learn traditional Chinese medicine, which is also the reason why it is difficult to implement traditional Chinese medicine. The diet medicine that I advocate will wash away the obscure and mysterious impression of traditional Chinese medicine. It will be a modern version of traditional Chinese medicine and an upgraded version of Chinese medicine. Diet medicine is a modern traditional Chinese medicine. The simplification of theory makes everyone possible to become a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is civilian, but we have been away from nature for a long time. Catering medicine will be combined with the current social background, in a more grounded way, leading Xiaobai of traditional Chinese medicine to walk on the broad road, appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese medicine, and witness the rapid development of traditional Chinese medicine! Let everyone who loves traditional Chinese medicine can roam in it.

On the one hand, I hope to create a unique community medicine food chain industry platform combined with corporate culture, and build the same community and one home. This "home" is full of health, happiness, harmony, authenticity and love... I open chain stores so much that I care about the implementation of "one family" culture, because of physical health, we must have mental health. One person benefits from the good; The ultimate goal of medical treatment is to help the world and save people. In the future, people in each community will be able to serve themselves through fingerprints, and neighbors will serve each other, so as to build a family health platform with family flavor. On the other hand, I set up the preventive angel project to enhance the sense of participation of customers and encourage them to use their own strength to help those in need. Only by cultivating people's healthy ideas can we achieve national health by 2030.

People should have their own preferences, principles and beliefs. They should not be eager for quick success and instant benefits, nor exaggerate or belittle them. They should be calm and comfortable, and have a calm mind.

Buried in the world of mortals, even if we can't embark on the journey at this moment, we should at least treasure our original intention in our heart, and do not let it be mottled and tarnished by the erosion of years; Quietly wait for the moment when the opportunity comes, with a warm and wise temperament, to their own expectations.

I think that's what Buddhism says“ Remain true to our original aspiration ”。